5 Reasons Why You Must Take Rest Post Workout

By: Pinki Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:16:39

5 Reasons Why You Must Take Rest Post Workout

Workout is a very important routine of our life. Everybody knows this. Hence, everyone is trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking time out for workout. But did you know that if you don’t rest after workout, then putting efforts in gym or sprinting across the jogging track will be literally of no use. In fact, it might trigger negative impact on your body. Here are five reasons why post-workout rest is important.

* Increased Heart Beat

It is not rocket science to know that increased heart beat has to be brought back to normal. Post workout, when your heart starts beating faster, sit down, or better – lie down and focus on your breathing. It is very important to bring your heart beats back to normal so as to avoid any heart-muscles issues when your grow older.

* Wear And Tear Of Muscles

Workout leans down and tones our body – technically, what really happens is that there is a wear and tear of muscles. This is the reason why muscles get their shape post-workout. If one does not take rest after wear and tear of their muscles it become very difficult for the muscles to repair properly. They need some rest and time to settle down.

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* Need Of More Oxygen

During workout the reason behind you breathing heavily is because there is a drop of oxygen level in our system due to exertion. Therefore, you must not only rest after workout but also take a small break and sit aside for 5 minutes so that your breathing will come back to normal. This will stabilize level of oxygen in your body.

* Rise In Body Temperature

Heavy respiration and exertion increases your body temperature. And to reduce the temperature, your body starts sweating automatically. This also triggers rise in blood pressure. Therefore, it is important to rest post workout in order to cool down your body. You can even try the sheetli pranayam – sucking in cool air and letting warm breath out. Also, gulp two small sips of water.

* Brain Pressure

Whenever we exert, our brain perceives it as stress. Your blood pressure is anyway on increase which affects the brain pressure too. There are various instances in which people collapse during too much exertion. This happens due to pressure on not only heart but also brain. If you do not rest post workout, your brain is bound start throbbing, and if ignored, will result in brain hemorrhage in future.

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