5 Supplements That Help You Loose Weight Fast

By: Sandeep Thu, 23 Nov 2017 12:34:43

5 Supplements That Help You Loose Weight Fast

“You’ve lost weight”, “You look slim”, “Have you been working out?”, “Your skin is glowing” are a few sentences which have the capability to make you happy! These days, everybody wants to lose weight quickly. The problem arises only when they start to rely on synthetic supplements. There are a lot of natural supplements which help in decreasing the fat absorption, thereby preventing obesity. When you prefer all naturally derived skincare or makeup products for yourself, why not use natural supplements for attaining that inner glow too?

Excess body fat always has a high risk of developing hypertension(high blood pressure), Diabetes (high sugar levels), Heart diseases, Hip and Back problems, Gut Problems and can affect your skin.

# Mushrooms

Yes, you read it right. Some variety of mushrooms such as the shiitake have Beta-glucans which help in controlling glucose levels in the body. Although Beta-Glucans in mushrooms has no effect on glucose absorption, it is found that it suppresses appetite, lowers cholesterol and fights immunity.

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# Barley and Oats

These are by far the richest source of Beta-glucans and are known to reduce weight to a great extent. The Beta-glucans found in oats and barley do help in slowing the sugar absorption from our gut.

# Cow Milk

It contains whey protein (source of essential amino acids) which does not reduce weight but does help in improving the body composition. If used with a modified diet and exercise regime, it helps in burning fat. Milk from grass fed cows also contains “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA which helps in body fat reduction.

# Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex helps in boosting up the metabolism and thus, helps in shedding weight easily. Foods rich in Vitamin B Complex are Legumes, Green vegetables, Cottage cheese and Bananas.

# Guavas

Guavas have more roughage and fibre. It is the second richest source of vitamin C and has a great taste. Don’t go for ripe ones as they contain a high amount of sugar. Also, avoid adding salt on the top as they may undo the good effects of guava and also increase your blood pressure.

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