5 Things You Should Know To Cure Semen Allergy

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5 Things You Should Know To Cure Semen Allergy

A semen allergy is caused by an allergic reaction to a particular protein in semen. The onset can vary. A woman could have been just fine with a partner's semen for a couple of years, and then suddenly start having an allergic reaction to it for no good reason. On the other hand, a semen allergy can be there from the start. Symptoms include burning and itching.

# You can try testing if it's just a problem in your genitals by seeing if any itchiness or redness occurs when sperm is on your arm, leg, etc.

# The most basic solution is to use condoms— that should solve the problem because you are not coming into contact with sperm. The only issue with this is, obviously, if you're trying to get pregnant. You can either try getting pregnant through in-vitro or, if you want to do it the old fashioned way, there are treatments available for the SPH itself.

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# A process called desensitization, which exposes the male or female patient to increasing amounts of semen over a period of time, has been suggested as a temporary cure for allergies to semen. Patients must be exposed to semen on a regular basis in order to maintain tolerance to the semen allergen.

# Individuals who want to have children and are allergic to semen may require artificial insemination to conceive. During the procedure, a sample of the male's semen is collected and the proteins that trigger allergic reactions are removed. Then a healthcare provider will use a thin flexible tube to insert the semen into the woman's uterus.

# During protein desensitization, semen proteins are injected into the male or female patient's blood. Small doses of the protein from his/her partner's semen are injected into the blood every 10-15 minutes over several hours. In order to remain tolerant to the semen, the patient must be exposed to his/her partner's semen at least twice a week.

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