5 Tips To Deal With Humidity

By: Pinki Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:53:33

5 Tips to Deal With Humidity

The ‘October heat’ is difficult to combat because the weather is not only hot but humid as well. When it’s scorching hot outside, even walking to the nearby grocery store or hanging out with your friends at your usual spot becomes difficult. Worry not. Here are 5 very simple but absolutely essential tips to tackle the heat.

* Wear Light Breezy Cotton Clothes

It is time to segregate your clothes on the basis of fabric – brace the cottons and keep the rest at the back of your wardrobe. Light, breezy cotton clothes are life-savers in such weather conditions, literally. Opt for a breezy cotton summer dress for a casual girl gang date or a crisp light colour cotton shirt for formal attire.

* Stay Hydrated

Keep hydrated to maintain the level of hydration in your body. Water indeed is the best option to keep one hydrated, but one must also have an intake of ORS (oral rehydration salts) in order to maintain a balance of salts in her body. Apart from this, you can even binge-drink on various fruit juices (avoid sugar) to keep yourself hydrated as well as nourished.

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* Cut Down On Oily Food

Oily food takes a toll on your whole bodily functions during such weather conditions. Instead, consume more of salad – green leafy vegetables, capsicum, carrot, sprouts, etc. before you start your meal so that your stomach is half-stuffed and the oil (even from your regular meal) will be cut down automatically. For the mid-day snack, you can opt for a fruit or two of your choice.

* Shower Before You Sleep

Showering right before you sleep will not only wash out these contaminants but also help you balance your body temperature. Experts have said, always go to bed washed and clean.

* Never Forget Sunscreen

One of the most important factors we tend to skip while juggling the heat and humidity is sunscreen! In this weather, it is advisable to use gel-based sunscreen because it is non-oily, non-sticky, unlike cream-based ones. Determine your skin type and buy a suitable product. It is not scientifically proven but many claim that applying sunscreen before bedtime works better than when actually being exposed to sun’s rays.

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