5 Tips To Loose Weight Without Exercise

By: Sandeep Mon, 27 Nov 2017 5:02:42

5 Tips To Loose Weight Without Exercise

Have you ever tried and lost weight but gained it back again? Loosing weight by crash dieting, extensive workouts and weight loss therapies is easy, but weight loss by these methods are ALWAYS short-lived. The right amount of weight loss done in a right amount of time can only be maintained in the long run. Certain lifestyle changes help you lose ONLY the right amount of weight for your body and also helps you maintain it forever. Follow these simple rules to stay fit and healthy.

* Food timings

A lot depends upon the food timings. The best timings are- Breakfast-by 9am, Lunch- by 1pm Dinner- by 7pm (Yeah 7pm!)

Sleeping at night on a light stomach is very important. A minimum gap of 3 hours should be maintained between a meal and sleep. If you feel hungry by bedtime, a cup of warm milk should suffice.

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* Snacks

Snacking in between meals - is one of the main causes of unnecessary weight gain. Eat a piece or 2 of a fresh fruit if you still crave.

* Fruits

Best time to have - Before Food

Worst time to have - After food

* Water intake

Good Time to have - Sip by Sip in between meals - To stay healthy

Best Time to have - Before meals - If you want to lose weight. It fills you up a bit and you tend to eat a bit less.

Worst time to have - immediately after meals - It definitely increases the weight

* Drink Your food, Eat your Water!

Chew your food so well that it is almost a liquid when you swallow it.

Drink water sip by sip from a glass just as you would eat food morsel by morsel.

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