5 Ways To Depict That You Have Hygiene Issues

By: Pinki Fri, 14 July 2017 2:01 PM

5 Ways to Depict That You Have Hygiene Issues

Everyone has lazy days when they maybe skip a shower or didn’t brush their teeth at night. But it’s mostly when we are lounging at home and do not have to interact with other people. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have poor hygiene, it just means you’re lazy. Poor hygiene is a chronic issue and usually indicative of something beyond not wanting to shower.

1. Excess Sweating

There are people wearing white shirts that are all yellow along the pits and around the collar. Yes, this happens to pretty much everyone who wears white, more specifically to someone who doesn’t shower a lot and doesn’t wash their clothes enough, which makes the stain even more obvious. What’s even worse is you could not get these kind of long term sweat stains out of your shirt, and there will be an accompanying musk that is undeniably stale sweat, a smell like no other.

2. Bad Breath

Halitosis, an extreme case of bad breath. Now it’s not the kind of bad breath everyone gets in the morning or after eating some delicious garlic bread. Those could be solved with an easy brush and mouthwash. And, usually, people have to get really close to even be able to sense it. Halitosis is chronic bad breath, and people can usually smell it from a distance. It’s a symptom of poor oral hygiene. And it usually takes a lot more than brushing your teeth / popping a mint to get rid of it. This is when you need to start doing some serious flossing and invest in a good tongue scraper. Halitosis can also indicate serious dental problems, like tooth decay, so a visit to the dentist is always a good idea.

5 ways to depict that you have hygiene issues

3. Oily Hair

Some people naturally have that, and honestly it happens to the best of us. Life gets busy! And a lot of people wage a daily battle against their oily hair to keep it in check. But you can tell if someone rarely if ever washes their hair. At first glance, their hair looks damp. If you take a closer look, their mane looks sleek. But if you are near enough, their hair smells really bad and you can even spot some dandruff. If you were to take your nail and drag it across a scalp that has not been washed in a long time, you will wipe a nice greasy smelly build-up of oil.

4. Skin Allergies

There are skin issues that are directly related to someone simply not washing their face enough, which leads to a build-up of dirt and dead skin cells that clog your pores. It can also indicate that someone isn’t washing their bed sheets, specifically their pillow cases, enough. If you are the type to let quite some time pass before you change your bed sheets, and your face is always breaking out (especially on the cheeks), that is probably why.

5. Lower Immunity

If you are getting sick often with minor colds and fevers, it could mean a faulty immune system. But it also probably means you don’t wash your hands often enough, and the virus just lay in waiting. Our hands are what we basically use to navigate through the world and are our first contact with pretty much everything. We then touch our faces and eat, and if our hands aren’t clean, whatever we have touched that day comes into contact with other parts of our bodies.

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