5 Ways To Get Rid Of Clumsiness

By: Pinki Thu, 05 Mar 2020 3:52:06

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Clumsiness

Not only the life of clumsy person is full pf struggles but also those of others surrounding him/her too. You are walking down a street and you never know when and who will simply trip while walking, or worse, spill a beverage on your beloved outfit. Can’t imagine the nightmare right? Do not fret! Here are five simple ways to get rid of clumsiness.

* Work On Bodily Balance

There are various exercises such as plank, leg-raise, squats, etc. to strengthen your core. Once you start working on your core muscles and on toning of your limbs’ muscles, you will get a better hold of your own balance. The chances of tripping will reduce and your reflex will definitely become on point!

* Work On Bodily Coordination

Physically, some people have the issue in bodily coordination, just like how it is with small babies when their internal systems are developing as they grow. These people’s hand-to-mouth, hand and eyes, eyes and legs, etc. coordination is weak, which give them major nightmares! Consult psychiatrists; they will prescribe certain coordination-building techniques and exercises for you.

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* Be Organised

This is the best thing you can to develop not only your quest of overcoming clumsiness but also in many other aspects of life. Staying organised will help your brain have organised, productive and decisive thought-procedure. Half of the times of being clumsy, our brain gives late or early messages to our limbs and we tend to drop or trip over something. Organising onself will help your brain be ready for what is to come in near future.

* Practise Monotasking

If you are clumsy then you must STOP multitasking right away. Accept it that it simply not your cup of tea. You definitely do not need to feel bad about it because monotasking will not only help you keep away from clumsiness but also help you get best results out of your tasks. Simplify your tasks and practise monotasking like a boss!

* Have Presence Of Mind

The biggest thing you can do to yourself is reminding yourself to keep a presence of mind. It will help you live in present, notice and observe your surrounding in a much better manner, and will help you know more about what is happening in and around you. You will be able to tackle situations in a much better way.

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