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Suffering From Body Pain, One Or Other Day? Try These Home Therapy To Resolve Your Body Pains

By: Pinki Thu, 29 June 2017 10:38:11

Suffering From Body Pain, One or Other Day? Try These Home Therapy To Resolve Your Body Pains

An acute or chronic body ache is a sign that your body needs attention and care from your side. At times these severe body aches disturbs you from normal routines. You may find it difficult to carry on your works with regular speed, as it slow downs your actions due to fatigue and pain. You need to find the root cause and it is necessarily important. Sometimes we experience body aches from flu which is usually the worst cause and it is unrealistic to get rid of body pains from flu.

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1. If your body aches are caused commonly by flu, the first and the best step to take is to run a hot bath. The hot water eliminates the body aches you are suffering form. However, it does not help in completely reducing the pains, some of the mild pains are taken away. Most of the aches initially do cause pain in your legs and they stand in first place to bother you.

2. Muscle overuse would be extreme in case of beginners in their daily workout. Pain would go away after the continuity of 2 or 3 workouts and in the mean time you can switch onto other alternatives to relieve the soreness. Applying ice packs for the first 2 or 3 weeks on the affected muscles would reduce inflammation. Applying heating pad for the first 24 to 72 hours is also good.

3. ith the increase in desk jobs in recent times, soreness in neck that gradually radiates across shoulders is quite common problem. Especially sitting for longer hours in front of the computers and cradling a phone between your ear and shoulder is more susceptible. Practicing forearm and wrist rests lowers the risk of neck and shoulder pains. Preventing awkward postures, shoulder shrugs and head turns once in a while at work place could not cause much pain.

4. Long periods of immobility, or workouts which involve high- intensity exercises, lifting heavy weights in an incorrect manner, awkward postures of your upper body could be some of the causes that leads to pain in the lower back. This sometimes radiates across your legs which makes the pain more chronic. Exercises like stretching, walking helps in getting rid of body pains temporarily.

5. Mental stress could also lead to acute body aches if proper care is not taken. Following good sleep has intense therapeutic affects and relieve from pains and acute aches that causes illness. Lack of good sleep can be attributed to a poor mattress, intake of alcohol or caffeine and other sleep or brain abnormalities. Meditation for about 20 minutes in a day would reduce mental stress that causes mild head ache if not given proper attention. Doing exercises reduces stress levels and triggers the production of endorphins that reduce pain and makes you feel relaxed.

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