6 Benefits Of Using Cinnamon Oil On Your Health

By: Kratika Sun, 26 June 2022 7:00 PM

6 Benefits of Using Cinnamon Oil on Your Health

Cinnamon oil or Cinnamomum verum is found extensively in regions of South Asia. It is extracted from a plant of the species Laurus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon was highly used and valued by Egyptians, Chinese, and Ayurveda medicinal practitioners. They were used to treat a wide range of diseases and health-related issues ranging from depression to gaining weight.

Cinnamon oil is said to be extracted from the bark, leaves, or roots. Although the oil is majorly taken from the bark. It contains compounds such as linalool, eugenol, and cinnamaldehyde which comprise almost 82.5% of the oil’s composition. Cinnamon oil is extensively used in aromatherapy because of its warm, sweet and pleasing fragrance. There are two types of oil that are widely available in the market, cinnamon bark oil and cinnamon leaf oil. Although both carry similar properties, the cinnamon bark oil is considered to be more potent in nature.

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# Blood Sugar Level

It is considered to improve blood sugar levels by regulating insulin levels. The oil has properties to keep blood sugar levels in balance, prevent chronic fatigue and mood swings, and cut down on sugar cravings and overeating. This was proved by a study done on 60 people with type 2 diabetes. The study resulted in lower levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and blood glucose levels.

cinnamon oil,health benefits of cinnamon oil,Health tips,fitness tips

# Aphrodisiac

In Ayurveda, cinnamon is at times recommended for issues such as sexual dysfunction. Cinnamon oil is known as a natural remedy for impotence. Cinnamomum cassia is an extract which had shown a positive effect on boosting erectile functioning and sexual motivation.

cinnamon oil,health benefits of cinnamon oil,Health tips,fitness tips

# Heart-Health

It is said to naturally boost heart health. The oil fosters nitric oxide production and functioning which is beneficial to people who have suffered from a heart attack or stroke or are diagnosed with any heart disease. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet properties benefit the arterial health of the heart.

cinnamon oil,health benefits of cinnamon oil,Health tips,fitness tips

# Weight Loss

Cinnamon is considered a fat-burning food product that is valuable for weight loss. As cinnamon oil has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, it helps in curbing the sweet tooth. Cinnamaldehyde, a compound present in the oil may help burn fat cells and prevent obesity. Adding cinnamon oil to teas, baked goods, oatmeal, fruits, and smoothies helps in slowing down the release of glucose in the blood. It could prevent overeating and gaining weight.

cinnamon oil,health benefits of cinnamon oil,Health tips,fitness tips

# Sore Throat

A combination of hot lemon water, honey, and cinnamon. If taken every morning, it is said to boost the functioning of the immune system and helps is relieving a sore throat. Being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant makes cinnamon oil a great remedy for dealing with throat infections such as the sore throat.

cinnamon oil,health benefits of cinnamon oil,Health tips,fitness tips

# Helps with Ulcers

Cinnamon oil which is extracted from the bark is said to be the strongest potent against helicobacter pylori. It is the main cause of gastric ulcers and cancer ulcers. By eradicating H. Pylori, ulcer symptoms can be decreased. Eugenol compound present in the oil has the ability to decrease ulcers as well as its severity if given in proper doses.

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