6 Effective Ways To Use Treadmill For Weight Loss

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6 Effective Ways To Use Treadmill for Weight Loss

Running has always been one of the most effective exercises for losing weight and burning calories fast and also gaining muscles along with an increase in core strength. It may be too humid outside or continuously raining, making it impossible for you to venture out to make those legs move in a rhythm or you may have joined a gym recently in order to get in the shape you desire and gain the necessary fitness. A treadmill is the most common equipment that is seen in almost every gym. In fact, you can get one installed even in your house. The benefits of treadmills are plenty and a dedicated usage of half an hour to one hour will only show positive results.

The options for increasing and decreasing speed and the number of inclines all add to its advantages. Plus, once you start running at speed you have to maintain it for a period, contrary to street running where you can modulate your speed according to your level of tiredness. This leads to more efficient burning of calories as your body has to work harder and your heart has to pump more blood. To maximize the benefits out of using a treadmill, you can follow the following tips which will help you shed the calories more efficiently and also gain muscles additionally.

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# Be faster on your feet

The number of times you move your feet to run on a treadmill is essential for active calorie burning. You can calculate by just counting the number of steps you take in 10 seconds and multiplying it by 6 to get the result for one minute. Most people have an average step count of 140-150, but the magic number that you should hit for more efficiency is 180. It should be your aim to achieve this number, and you can arrive at it with practice and slowly increasing your speed. This speed is the best to avoid any injuries to the body and also puts direct pressure on your core making it build better and stronger.

# Listen to your body

Your body is like your temple, and it is your responsibility to worship it and take good care of it because any problems associated with your body is a bothersome matter. One thing you should keep in mind is not to overstrain your body to achieve the results faster. You will end up injuring yourself and the amount of time you will lose will add up to cause more troubles eventually. Know your limitations and work around that for the best result. Running at high speed for a longer duration of time on a treadmill is not a feasible idea. Instead start slow and for short bursts and gradually increase and the results will start showing faster.

Along with the training, you also need to eat right as diet forms a key part. You can use supplements as well, wherever you are missing out. A drug called kratom can also be used for effective weight loss. It is a herb, and various products are derived out of it and can be taken in various forms for multiple benefits. For authentic kratom products, you can check out the website called Kratom Crazy and buy them online.

ways to use treadmill for weight loss,weight loss tips,healthy living,Health tips

# Turn training on its side

Though the belt of a treadmill runs only in one direction, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for any other use. In fact, trainers suggest that for every 5 minutes of normal running, you should turn to the side and shuffle for a couple of minutes. This works well for your hips, inner and outer thighs and the whole of your glutes. Initially, you might find it a little tricky to shuffle sideways, so start slow and hold the sidebars for support and then gradually increase your speed as you get used to it.

# Master your speed

One aspect of a treadmill is to regulate speed according to requirements, and you can use it to your advantage. Only after you have run adequately at one speed, you should progress to higher ones. Mixing speeds can also help a lot to gain endurance and burn calories fast. Running in short, high-speed bursts in between a slow, constant speed is an effective method of running on a treadmill.

ways to use treadmill for weight loss,weight loss tips,healthy living,Health tips

# Take a positive slant

There is no denying the fact that hills and slants are the most important method of gaining muscles on your thighs and calf muscles. You can incline your treadmill slightly and start running with that positive slant, and you will feel the burn much earlier than what you felt during your normal run.

# Quench with fridge water

Chilled or cold water makes you feel refreshed after a grueling session on a treadmill by regulating the blood circulation in your body and supplying oxygen to all the muscles. Even drinking cold water after exercise makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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