6 Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Brahmi

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6 Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Brahmi

Brahmi, also known as Bacopa monnieri, is an herb that is a staple in ayurvedic formulations. Since it helps reduce anxiety and sharpen your memory, the brahmi herb is a favorite among ayurvedic practitioners.

The brahmi leaf is bright green in color and oval in shape. This herb grows in marshy and damp areas. Brahmi is packed with antioxidants that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Since it reduces oxidative stress, you can stay safe from ailments like:

- Respiratory problems
- Stroke
- Arthritis
- Cancer
- Heart diseases

Brahmi is available in the market under different brand names. Brahmi Vati is one such formulation that is regarded as an effective brain booster. There are numerous benefits of brahmi for your health. Read on to know the herb helps you to stay happy and healthy!

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# Reduces stress and anxiety

Too much tension or fear can affect your mental and physical health. If not taken care of, it can lead to anxiety issues like obsessive compulsive order or panic disorder. In such situations, having brahmi syrup can help you stem anxiety and related disorders. This herb is an adaptogen and improves your body’s resistance to stress. It works by elevating your mood and reducing the cortisol hormone, which is known to increase stress. That is why ayurveda recommends brahmi as a nerve tonic for promoting good mental health.

brahmi,health benefits of brahmi,Health tips,fitness tips

# Improves your brain functions

Brahmi contains certain biochemicals that facilitates the building of brain tissues. As a result, your memory skills sharpen. This herb works on that part of your brain which is responsible for intelligence and concentration. Taking it along with ashwagandha helps improve your intellect and memory. Like brahmi, ashwagandha too is an adaptogen that reduces your stress and revitalizes your brain cells.

brahmi,health benefits of brahmi,Health tips,fitness tips

# Restores good sleeping habits

Proper sleep is vital for your rejuvenation and relaxation. Stress and irregular eating patterns can often disturb your sleep, and result in sleep disorders like insomnia. Consuming brahmi before going to bed can give you a good night’s rest and ample energy for the following day.

brahmi,health benefits of brahmi,Health tips,fitness tips

# Decreases blood pressure

If you consume junk foods and take on too much stress, there are chances for your blood pressure to increase. You can keep your blood pressure in control with brahmi. If you do not monitor high blood pressure, you may be at an increased risk for health ailments such as stroke, heart failure and heart diseases.

brahmi,health benefits of brahmi,Health tips,fitness tips

# Reduces inflammation in your body

You can define inflammation as your body’s natural reaction to fight and heal infections. If you have chronic inflammation, you may develop conditions like type 1 and type 2 diabetes, kidney diseases or even cancer. This herb contains anti-inflammatory properties that help lower inflammation. The presence of antioxidants in brahmi prevents cell damage by destroying harmful free radicals.

brahmi,health benefits of brahmi,Health tips,fitness tips

# Promotes hair growth

Having long and lustrous hair is a dream for many. At the same time, it is important to take proper care if you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful. Most hair oils contain brahmi as an ingredient as it helps strengthen and nourish your hair roots. This herb is also effective in preventing dandruff. It works by accelerating the growth of hair follicles thereby helping in reversing hair loss issues. Consuming it can stimulate blood circulation in your scalp which promotes hair regrowth. You may also apply brahmi paste on your scalp to nourish your hair.

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