6 Tips To Avoid Pregnancy After 15 Days Naturally

By: Pinki Thu, 26 Dec 2019 3:51:02

6 Tips To Avoid Pregnancy After 15 days Naturally

Sometimes, even with the most careful precautions, we fail to avoid pregnancy after intercourse. Be it due to human or product failure, there is nothing more dreadful that having the contraceptives failed. When you are not ready, the mere thought of getting pregnant can be pretty alarming. In this article, we will discuss some of the easiest home remedies to make sure that you don’t get pregnant.

These have to start as soon as you think you can get pregnant, after having mingled with your partner, and the effects would start soon after!

* Calendar method

It is important for women to have their menstrual cycle recorded. This can prevent birth control as you know the length and timing of every time it happens. Count your days from the first, and remember that you need to have 8 cycles. If the short cycle of is of 26, then subtract 18 from 26, you get 8. That is supposed to be the 4 th day of the following month, which is the 11 th . When you have intercourse, you are likely to get pregnant that day. The longest cycle is 30 which can be subtracted by 11 and result at 19. You have to keep a proper count to be sure that you don’t get pregnant and discover that too late. If your cycle is less than 27 days, the calendar method will not work.

* Temperature method

Women have to record their menstrual cycle. When you have an ovulation, the temperature of your body rises. This temperature goes down when you have your next menstrual. To avoid birth control, you have to record the temperature of your body. Record it for three times a day, once in the morning, evening and night. The thermometer should be at the rectum or under the tongue.

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* Preventive method

It is very important for you to take preventive measures during intercourse, than having to save it for the times you regret! Using a proper protective condom is the most important part. It is not only important to prevent pregnancy but also to avoid diseases like AIDS. With proper protection, you offer yourself a healthier living, which excludes the possibilities of getting diagnosed with deadly diseases. It also gives you optimum pleasure and keeps you satisfied and worry-free.

* Dried apricot

Apricots are not only tasty but are also used for preventing minor conception. However, having apricots are not advised and should not be taken when there is a positive pregnancy report. Well, we can, therefore, understand that this particular home remedy is not something which you can rely on when the pregnancy is serious. For this remedy, you need to combine 100 grams of the dried apricot with 2 tablespoons of honey and water. Boil all the ingredients well for about half an hour and consume one cup of the mixture formed. This will help in controlling world and at the same time will also cure excessive bleeding.

* Rue

Rue is an amazing home remedy when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy within 15-20 days. It contains two components, namely, pilocarpine and rutin. These two compounds are useful when it comes to preventing pregnancy at the early stage. Rue is generally used as a tea form and is very effective. For this remedy, take two teaspoons of the herb and pour it in boiling water. Let the herb steep into the water for quite some time and when the temperature cools down a bit, strain and drink the tea. You ned to drink this tea for 2-3 times a day.

* Blue cohosh

Just like most of the herbs mentioned above, blue cohosh is yet another herb which stimulates oxytocin release. You can prepare a tea using the herb and have it for twice or thrice a day. However, you must visit a doctor before consuming this herb. Also, make sure that you do not consume more than 4 cups a day as it will have adverse side effects. For this remedy, add 2 teaspoons of the herb into water and boil the mixture for around 3-4 minutes. Let the mixture cool down a bit, strain and have the tea.

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