7 Major Causes Of Cervicitis And How To Prevent It

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7 Major Causes of Cervicitis and How To Prevent It

Cervicitis is a swelling, inflammation, and sores in the cervix caused by agents such as bacteria, fungi, or parasites. The disease is divided into two categories, acute and chronic. Acute cervicitis when recurrent or not detected and treated promptly can lead to chronic cervicitis.

Manifestations of cervicitis are quite similar to vaginitis: milky white discharge, unpleasant odor, itching, vaginal bleeding, burning sensation during sex. The cause of this pathology is usually a bacterial infection.

Cervicitis is a disease that is not difficult to cure, but if not treated, the disease has the risk of reducing the immune function of the uterus and vagina, increasing the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea , syphilis , Chlamydia infection , ... even HIV infection.

causes of cervicitis and how to prevent it,healthy living,Health tips

# Unprotected intercourse Cervicitis often comes from causes related to unsafe sex, which can be listed as:

Not using condoms : Increases the risk of parasitic infections, sexually transmitted infections and viruses. Intercourse is too rough: Causing damage to the cervix, creating conditions for infection to develop. Having sex with a partner who has a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, genital warts. As such, you need to take precautions when having sex. Here are some tips for women:

Always use protection such as condoms (for men), IUDs,... and use them correctly. Limit the number of "sex partners". Have a frank discussion with your partner to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Say "no" when you're not ready. Limit yourself while using stimulants.

causes of cervicitis and how to prevent it,healthy living,Health tips

# Vaginitis

Vaginitis if not treated in time can create an opportunity for parasites, fungi, and bacteria to attack the cervix and cause infection, more dangerous than the risk of cervical cancer. uterus .

To limit the cause of vaginitis leading to cervicitis, women should regularly use toilet paper, wash the vulva properly after intercourse, change tampons during menstruation, choose materials proper underwear and change them more often.

# Allergies

The use of personal hygiene solutions, condoms, and lubricants of unknown origin and improper use make the "girl" allergic and likely to cause cervicitis.
To avoid risks, couples need to use lubricants for the right purpose, use condoms of the right size, choose the right material for the body to avoid allergies.

causes of cervicitis and how to prevent it,healthy living,Health tips

# Abortion

Women with a history of abortion are more likely to have cervicitis. Especially in cases of unsafe abortion, poor post-operative care is the cause of cervical infection.

Abortion is the cause of cervicitis. Choosing a reputable medical facility to perform safe abortion procedures is extremely important, helping a woman to minimize complications and avoid affecting the future birth.

# Sex too early, too much Women start having sex too young, leading to early pregnancy while reproductive organs are not fully developed. Besides, continuous intercourse with high frequency, having many different sexual partners at a time increases the risk of gynecological diseases. On the other hand, a woman who is faithful but has a partner or husband has promiscuous sex with many different people. All of these can be the cause of cervicitis.

For the sex story, couples, in addition to using safety measures to protect themselves, also need to have moderate and moderate sex.

causes of cervicitis and how to prevent it,healthy living,Health tips

# Poor personal hygiene

Cervical infection can also be caused by unclean and improper personal hygiene, such as wearing clothes for a long time, the habit of wearing tight pants, use water to wash deeply into the vulva, do not clean the genitals before and after intercourse,...To limit vaginal infections, you need to create a habit of maintaining good hygiene Will, diligently use cleaning solutions and must use them correctly.

# The menstrual cycle is abnormally long

In some women, the menstrual period is sometimes abnormally long (over 7 days), causing menorrhagia, heavy bleeding, making the cervix always open. create conditions for bacteria, fungi to enter, causing cervicitis.

For this condition, you need to talk with a gynecologist to determine the exact cause and treat it in time, to avoid the disease becoming more persistent and serious.

causes of cervicitis and how to prevent it,healthy living,Health tips

Methods of treating cervicitis

# Use of drugs Depending on the source of the cause of cervicitis, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate drug. If you have cervicitis caused by a sexually transmitted disease, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat that infection. In cases of cervicitis caused by a virus (such as genital herpes), doctors usually prescribe antiviral medication.

# One thing to keep in mind, is that cervicitis testing and treatment should also be applied to your sexual partners, whether they show symptoms or not.

causes of cervicitis and how to prevent it,healthy living,Health tips

# Laser

Therapy Similar to heat therapy, cervicitis laser therapy uses a high-intensity laser to burn and destroy abnormal tissue. The patient was anesthetized and lying stable in the preparation position. The doctor uses a device to keep the vagina open, and then a laser is directed at the abnormal tissue.
# Electrocauter

Electrocautery (also called thermotherapy) is an outpatient procedure that burns away infected cells inside the cervix. After the patient is stabilized in the preparation position, the doctor will use the device to hold the vagina open. Next, a specialized cotton swab is inserted to clean the cervix, then the doctor uses a heat stick to destroy the diseased tissue.
For this procedure, the patient will need a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort before the procedure.

# Cryosurgery

In case of persistent cervicitis, the doctor will most likely use cryosurgery, also known as cryotherapy. This is a procedure that uses extreme cold to destroy abnormal cells. The instrument used was a cryogenic rod containing liquid nitrogen.

Cryosurgery is almost painless, but the patient can experience cramping, bleeding, infection, and scarring at worst.

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