Do You KnowThese Amazing Benefits Of Bajra?

By: Pinki Tue, 25 July 2017 08:57:36

Do You KnowThese Amazing Benefits of Bajra?

Bajra has been consumed for many years by our ancestors and it has many health benefits. There are lot of traditional recipes with bajra that is still made the way our ancestors did which is both very healthy and tasty. Kambu is called Pearl Millet in English, Bajra in Hindi, Sajjalu in Telugu and Bajri in Gujarati. Kambu apart from being a body coolant also is good for treating constipation, acidity and it is full of nutrients.

# 100gms of bajra contains around 12gm of protein, 42 mg of calcium and 8 mg of iron. Kambu is also one of the few ingredients that rarely cause allergies in anyone.

- To consume, take a ball from the refrigerator and mix it with thick yogurt. You can spice it up with finely cut green chillies, shallots and coriander leaves. According to me there is no food to match this for children in terms of nutrition and as a body coolant in summer. This mixture can be given to children from 2 years onwards, skip the spicing part for young children.

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# Kambu is a great ingredient to include in weight loss diet, as it keep us satiated for a long time. Including foods that keep us satiated for a long time along with providing us with the required nutrients is the main key to natural weight loss. Try to include kambu along with other millet's to get fat burning under way.

# Kambu is one of the best ingredients that diabetics can include in their diet. Kambu dosai is a regular in our home and the best combination for this dosai is peanut chutney. This combination has been followed for many years and that is how we always eat the dosai. When you have a breakfast like this that is high in GI, it prevent blood sugar spikes and keep us satiated till lunch.

# If you are suffering from constipation, try eating bajra and the next day you will find that you don't have any constipation problem, that is because of the high fiber content of bajra.

# Bajra also is good for lactating mothers and should be included in their diet very often as it increases the breast milk supply. If you are suffering from pcos try including these traditional recipes a lot in your diet.

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