Have Double Chin? These Exercises Will Help You Get Rid Of It

By: Pinki Thu, 24 May 2018 10:44:25

Have Double Chin? These Exercises Will Help You Get Rid of It

A double chin could be a result of weight gain, ageing or genetics. If you are someone who wants to get rid of that double chin, here are 5 exercises that would help.

* Pout Towards The Ceiling

Tilt your head backwards and pout towards the ceiling. Hold for five seconds and come back to the position from where you started.

* Rotate your chin

You need to rotate your chin from left to right or in a circular motion. This will stretch your chin, and help handle the stubborn fat.

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* Stretch Your Tongue

You need to stretch your tongue as much as possible. Make it touch your nose, this will give more movements to your jaw and chin.

* Tilt That Pout

Pout like you usually do, and tilt it downwards. For a second, hold this contraction and look downwards towards your feet.

* Neck Exercise

Lie on a bed, tilt your head towards your chest, do this 10-15 times, according to your condition.

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