Here Are Some Health Benefits Of Calcium You Must Take Note

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Here are Some Health Benefits of Calcium You Must Take Note

Calcium is an essential nutrient for the human body. While initially, the primary focus of calcium consumption was on infants and children, it has been proven to be important in adulthood as well. Though in childhood, it is required for building optimum bone density, maintaining it is a lifelong process. Here are some health benefits of calcium you must take note.

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* Bone density

Did you know that most of the calcium in the human body is found in the bones and teeth? Under normal health conditions, calcium works on strengthening your bones until the age of 25, after which the bone density begins to decline. However, with enough consumption of calcium-rich foods, you can maintain your bones and slow down the loss of the density.

* Muscle contraction

While we have been aware of calcium’s role in maintaining bone health, did you know that it is vital for muscle contractions as well? This also includes the heart muscle. When a muscle is stimulated, calcium is released which helps the muscle proteins to enable contraction.

benefits of calcium,calcium benefits,health benefits,healthy living,Health tips

* Lowers blood pressure

According to a research, higher intake of calcium can lower your blood pressure (especially in young people). It thus also reduces possibilities of hypertension. In a survey of over 14,000 obese adults aged 20 years or older, there was an inverse correlation between calcium intake and high blood pressure.

* Catalyses weight loss

Calcium is known to regulate weight by increasing fat oxidation and controlling appetite. What’s more diets rich in calcium are also known to reduce fat tissue mass and increase lean mass.

benefits of calcium,calcium benefits,health benefits,healthy living,Health tips

* Colon Cancer

Although it is not conclusive, there is a lot of data that suggests calcium may provide a preventative effect from colon cancer. For example, one review assessed the effect of supplementary calcium on the development of colon cancer and adenomatous polyps (growths that are potential precursors to cancer).

Researchers found that while supplementation may contribute to moderate protection against adenomatous polyps, the data was not sufficient enough to warrant recommendations to prevent colon cancer.

* Weight Control

The effect calcium has on weight control is somewhat inconsistent as well. Some studies have shown an association between higher calcium intakes and lower body weight. Some studies even show that diets rich in low-fat calcium (when total calories are restricted) may reduce the risk of obesity and increase weight loss in obese people.

* Hypertension

The verdict on whether calcium reduces blood pressure or the risk of hypertension is mixed. Some clinical trials have found a relationship between calcium intake and hypertension risk, while others have found no association. Small changes in systolic blood pressure have been noted, but the type of effect may depend on the population being studied.

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