How Ginger Tea Helps You Stay Fit

By: Pinki Fri, 28 Apr 2017 10:34:37

How Ginger Tea Helps You Stay Fit

Ginger is a very common kitchen ingredient used by people across the globe. Its distinctive aroma and flavor add zest to different cuisines. You can eat ginger in different ways, but sipping on ginger tea is one of the best options. You can easily make this soothing beverage at home.

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1. Blood Circulation
Ginger tea helps improve blood circulation to maintain optimum health. The compounds like gingerols and zingerone in it have a warming effect on the body, resulting in good circulation.

2. Pain Reliever
Ginger contains a compound known as gingerol that has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, ginger helps block COX-2, a chemical in the body that causes pain. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help treat muscle and joint pain.

3. Menstural Discomforts
One to two cups of ginger tea can effectively ease menstrual cramps and other associated discomforts. It is also a good remedy for premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

4. Treats Nausea
Whether you are suffering from nausea or vomiting, you can treat it with a few cups of ginger tea. The active components like volatile oils and phenol compounds in ginger root influence the nervous system, stomach and intestines.

5. Immunity Booster
Ginger tea may help strengthen your immunity due to the antioxidant properties in ginger. A strong immune system means that you’ll get sick less often and recover more quickly when you do.

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