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16 Reasons Why Drinking Lime Water In The Morning Is Beneficial For You

By: Pinki Tue, 04 Aug 2020 1:03:45

16 Reasons Why Drinking Lime Water in The Morning is Beneficial For You

Health Benefits of Drinking Lime Water in the Morning will shocking many people. Fresh lime juice possesses many health properties that has been known from ancient ages in several countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Even in India this fruit called as vedas or sacred fruit. Limes are sour because it contains acidic in nature and it is also rich in vitamin C, citric acid, mineral such as calcium and phosporus, vitamin, sugar. Limes contains higher Vitamin C content rather than lemon. The acidic juice in lemon can enhance healthy digestion and other body functions. The juice is reported can reduces gastric acidity that are effects of greasy food consumption.

Lime or Citrus aurantifolia is a fruit of flowering plants which belong to family Rutaceae (orange family) and a it has higher acidity than other types of orange. Lime tree is a small shrub-like that can grow from 3.5 to 9 m in height and 2.5 to 7.5 m in width. The lime fruit is used to be round, has green or yellow color and the size range about 3-6 cm in diameter.

Nowadays people are more concern to nature and health while several serious diseases threaten life. There is a trend that people love to follow these days and it is about gaining benefits from infused water. Infused water is typically water that has been added with several fruits or herbs dipped in it. Lime as well as other types of fruit maybe added to the water and being consumed to keep healthy body. People also used to add the lime juice to water and save it in fridge for a night then drink it in the next morning.

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* Treat gastric disorder

Lime can be an important part in the treating gastric disorders such as indigestion, constipation and peptic ulcer. It has ability to stops the occurrence of certain indigestion, burning feeling in the chest due to high acidity in the stomach, and vomiting. Lime water also can make the digestion process better after you consume spicy or hot food.

* Cure tonsilitis

Regular consumption of lime water in the morning can be helpful in treating tonsilitis as the fruits contains curative substance for tonsilitis. Tonsilitis is an infection that affected tonsils and it is caused by viral or bacterial infection. Lime contains high vitamin C that can fight inflammation and protect the body from such infection.

* Promote healthy digestion

Lime water can be used as carminative in indigestion process. It promotes digestion by releasing carbonic acid and gas. Research also reported that lime water can increase intestinal motility and cure chrnic constipation by promoting the liver to produce biliary.

* Aids in weight loss

Drinking lime water in the morning also a recommended therapy in weight reduction and in loss program and obesity. In the mornings stomach is empty, lime water can be consumed and ingested for 2-3 months to reduce weight effectively. But it is also important to keep eating pattern and exercise as well.

* Detoxify the blood

Limes as well as lemon contain high antioxidant and phytochemical contents which aids in purify the blood from certain toxic and metabolism waste.

* Relieve asthma

Asthma is an allergy which usually occur on respiratory muscle resulting of hardly breathing process. Drinking lemon water in the morning can be helpful to relieve asthma since it contains high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A study which published in World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacheutical reported that lime juice contain antibacterial substance which can reduce the contraction of smooth muscle in respiratory tract.

* Prevent cold

The anti-viral properties in lime water and strengthen immune system to fight infections and inhibit the progress of a cold. Drink lime water regularly in the morning to provide the body with vitamin C and other healthy substance that is required to combat virus or bacteria.

* Prevent scurvy

By drinking a glass of diluted fresh lime juice you can relieve the pain of swollen gums that used to be the sign of scurvy. In old times, sailors brought lime with them over their voyage to prevent this disease that caused by inadequate vitamin C consumption.

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* Fight inflammation

Even though limes water are sour and contain high acidity, they are actually can set the body on alkalize pH balace which is effective in the treatment of some inflammatory disorders like arthritis and rheumatism. Drinking lime water in the morning can also prevent the accumulation of uric acid in the tissues, thus may aids in reducing the risks of gout.

* Maintain healthy skin

Healthy body can be seen through skin and drinking lime water in the morning may give you significant effect to the skin. Due to their high contain of antioxidant, limes water can prevent the damage on skin that caused by free radicals. It also effective in removing pimples and prevent wrinkle which is sign of aging. Vitamin C content in lime water can trigger the skin to produce the collagen which important to keep firm and tight skin.

* Treat sore throat

If you got sore throat problem, just mix one part lime juice with one part lukewarm water in the morning and drink it. You may add a pinch of sea salt to boost the effect. Before you drink the lime water, gargle it frequently and feel the soothing sensation on your throat.

* Enhance mood

Health Benefits of Drinking Lime Water in the Morning could enhance your mood. Regular consumption of lime water may beneficial in enhancing mood since it contains high vitamin C and antioxidant that can promotes the brain to produce serotonin, a substance that give calm effect to the body.

* Remove bad breath

Bad breath used to be experienced by most people in the morning. Drinking lime water in the morning may help to freshen breath. It is better if you drink the lime water after you brush your teeth because strong acid on lime water can erode the enamel of teeth.

* Rehydrate the body

During sleeping whole night, the body lose some of its fluid and drinking lime water in the morning can be effective to rehydrate the body and increase the metabolism process which aids in energy production.

* Protect liver

Liver is main organ in the body which play important role in detoxification process. Lime water which is drank in the morning can promote the liver to produce more enzyme that take part in the detoxification process. The high level of antioxidant in lime water also posses a protective agent that can save the liver from free radicals effect.

* Prevent cancer

Lime water contains high vitamin C that can fight the free radicals and pathogen effect that are the main cause of cancer. The antioxidant content of lime water can also promote the apoptosis of mutated cell which lead to reduce the spread of cancer.

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