Say Bye To Breast Tenderness With This 5 Natural Tips

By: Pinki Fri, 28 July 2017 4:58:05

Say Bye To Breast Tenderness With This 5 Natural Tips

Before gettiong on periods, many of you might experience breast pain or you may feel tortured by aching breasts for weeks at a time. Many women tell me their breasts are so achy and swollen that sometimes they are too painful to fit them into their bra. For some, breast pain interferes with sex, work, or school.

Most of us experience cyclical breast tenderness at one time or another. It is typically generalized throughout both breasts, associated with your period, and may start somewhere after mid-cycle or the week before your period, and usually goes away when your period starts.

# Drink and eat out of glass and other non-plastic packaging only; particularly avoid soft plastics such as plastic wrapped foods Decrease estrogen graphicand never microwave food in plastic containers. Life Factory makes excellent, affordable, and durable water bottles that are easy to carry around and hold hot beverages, too.

# The liver is your body’s main site for detoxifying estrogen and getting the excess or used up forms ready for elimination. A lot of us have sluggish liver detox systems – but we can get ours revved up with diet and a few herbs and supplements.

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# having 1-2 healthy BMs daily – not too hard, not too soft, and keeping your gut flora healthy with probiotics. Excess estrogen is eliminated through your digestive system – that is, you poop out the extra. And it is special bacteria and enzymes in your gut that help this to happen. Probiotics can help provide these. Women who eliminate daily have much less breast tenderness than those who only go a few times or less per week.

# Inflammation causes pain and swelling. Reducing the amount of inflammatory hormones you have hanging out in your system can help to reduce breast tenderness for many women.

# Iodine deficiency is on the rise and may contribute to fibrocystic breasts. If your breasts are generally lumpy and tender, make sure to include seaweeds, and check to make sure that your multivitamin supplement contains iodine.

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