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The Winter Fruit Custard Apple Has Many Skin Benefits

By: Pinki Sun, 29 Dec 2019 9:38 PM

The Winter Fruit Custard Apple Has Many Skin Benefits

Custard apple, also called cherimoya is a creamy and sweet fruit containing a chock full of nutrients. The fruit belongs to the Annonacea family and is native to West Indies and South America. It is cultivated in the subtropical regions of the world too.

Consuming custard apple regularly can help to beautify your skin naturally. The vitamin A content present abundantly in this fruit benefits to keep skin healthy. Know the nutritional value and its amazing benefits for skin care.

# Prevents Ageing

Custard apple contains L-lysine ad L-proline, the amino acids that help to create collagen in the body. Collagen is a substance that provides structure and elasticity of the skin tissues. The high levels of antioxidants in custard apple protect the cell membranes from the free radical damage, allowing the body to fight the signs of ageing. Custard apple boosts the growth of new cells, making the skin look young. It helps to reverse the discoloration and wrinkles associated with ageing. It also tones and firms the skin.

# Healing Process

Vitamin C in custard apple is required for the production of two important substances- hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, which binds the molecules that produce collagen. It penetrates through the layers of the skin, assisting in the wound healing process. Alum, an antioxidant found in custard boosts the blood circulation and blends with the development of the new skin, minimizing the appearance of scars. It improves the skin elasticity and creates scar tissue and ligaments for quick recovery.

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# Beauty of the Skin

Custard apple protects and preserves the cells of the skin, making it more supple and radiant. It renews the skin by preventing it from the oxidative stress. This creamy fruit helps to even out the skin tone and rejuvenates the appearance. The antioxidants also shield the skin from the sun rays, thereby reducing sun damage. Topical application of custard apple pulp can lighten the appearance of dark spots, freckles and other skin imperfections. The fruit penetrates to the deep layers of the skin, transporting the important nutrients into it. Vitamin B in this fruit controls excess sebum production and promotes healthy skin formation. Copper in custard apple stimulates the production of melanin, a pigment that provides color to the skin and hair.

# Moisturized Skin

Custard apple is a rich source of vitamin E, which helps to retain the moisture content in the skin, making a dull complexion look healthy and fresh. It lubricates the skin and forms a protective layer over it, preventing it from the environmental damage.The omega 3 fatty acids in custard apple help to maintain healthy cell membranes. It also helps to prevent skin problems like scaling, pruritus, eczema, ulcers, boils and abscesses, psoriasis and erythema.

# Glowing Skin

Higher levels of fiber in custard apple makes it an excellent laxative. It aids the body to get rid of toxins and wastes that seep into the bloodstream, causing lifeless and dull skin. Fiber prevents fluctuation of sugar spikes, which can damage the collagen of the skin. In order to obtain all the benefits, you should consume custard apple regularly. While purchasing custard apple, make sure it is firm with no blemishes or damage. Custard apple will stay fresh in refrigerator for about two to three days. The creamy texture of this fruit makes it a versatile ingredient in various desserts. The fruit will make an excellent addition in milkshake and smoothies too.

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