The Yummiest Marshmallows Have Many Health Benefits Too

By: Pinki Tue, 25 July 2017 3:15:04

The Yummiest Marshmallows Have Many Health Benefits Too

From kids to adults love marshmallow, the sugar-based candy made from the combinations of sugar, water and gelatin. Well, actually the marshmallow candy that is widely produced now is the modern version while the ancient version is actually using the marshmallow plant root before gelatin was found. The health benefits of marshmallow root is actually more surprising than the fact it was used as the main ingredients of world’s most favorite candy.

# Marshmallow root has been well known for its benefit as home remedy for sore throat. In modern time, it comes with reasons because marshmallow root contains certain compounds like antitussive that could help in decreasing the irritation occurs in the throat. That’s why, nowadays, marshmallow root is used as main ingredients in some medicines, in case you care with what you consume.

# The same compound that treats sore throat is also able to treat some digestive issues like heartburn, stomach ulcers, bloating and many more. Those kinds of discomfort you feel in your stomach are caused by the acid and marshmallow root will sooth the feeling. You could make tea from marshmallow root and for optimal result; you could mix it with other herbs that are also effective to sooth digestive issue like ginger or peppermint oil.

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# To make sure your body metabolism is in its best performance, you have to make sure first that your digestion is in excellent performance as well. Marshmallow root could help in improving the function of digestion and as the final result your body metabolism is also improved because all nutrients are absorbed optimally, all cells are oxygenated completely and other organs are working excellently.

# Burn wound could be really painful and not easily treated. If you are so into natural way to treat burn wound you could rely on marshmallow root to accelerate the healing process. Marshmallow root contains some anti-bacterial properties that will prevent further infection and at the same time contains some excellent compounds to treat the wound.

# Kidney problems could be varying from problem with urination, kidney stone, inflamed kidney and many more. Some studies have shown that marshmallow root is considered as diuretic properties because it could help in increasing the secretion of urine. The extract marshmallow root is also able to treat urinary tract infection as well as prevent the development of kidney stones.

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