Want To Pee? But No Washroom Around. Try These Tips

By: Pinki Sat, 01 July 2017 4:22:10

Want To Pee? But No Washroom Around. Try These Tips

You are in a very important meeting, the AC is killing, it's your presentation next and your bladder's demanding a release . Or, You may be you are on a street, grocery shopping! Having to hold in pee may be difficult or unpleasant. But if you are without acceptable facilities, privacy, time, or opportunity, here's how to cope.

tips to control pee when no wash room

1. The way you position your body can help you tighten the muscles around your bladder, and make you feel like holding it is more possible. Don't press the lower part of your stomach, at all. It will put more pressure on your bladder.

2. Don't cross your legs when sitting. Doing this can result in pain or possible loss of bladder control.Opening your legs as wide as you can will help you hold it longer. You may feel like you are about to lose control, but if you let that feeling pass (which usually takes about 20 seconds), you will be able to hold it much longer.

3. Don't "slouch". Raise your upper-body and allow your back to arch, taking pressure off your bladder, but do not "stretch" your abdomen as this will add pressure. Relax your abdomen.

4. If you can, then make yourself as warm as you can by covering up with blankets, turning up the heater, or curling your body closer together. Here's the logic: Your body has to spend energy to keep the urine in your bladder at body temperature. If you're in a cold area, your body will want to conserve the heat it can generate and not spend it on a bladder full of waste.

5. Avoid changing positions too suddenly, and tense, abrupt, or sudden movement. Remain smooth and natural.

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