Valentines Special- Weight Loss Tips For Date Night

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Valentines Special- Weight Loss Tips For Date Night

In a time when having a date per day is not only possible, but as simple as a swipe of your finger, it’s easier than ever to overindulge daily. A cocktail here, a dinner there—it all adds up to trouble for your waistline. The good news? You don’t have to ditch dating to whittle your waistline. Stay on track to your weight loss goals with these 5 strategies.

* Cut it Up

Give overeating the axe by cutting your entrée up into pieces. Yeah, it’s polite—you don’t want to scare off your date, do you?—and science says it’ll keep you slim. College kids who were given a bagel cut into four pieces ate 25 percent less than those given a whole bagel, according to a study conducted at Arizona State University. If you’re worried that dicing your entire serving at once may send your date cuckoo vibes, try slicing off a piece of the portion you’re served and subtly pushing it to the side of your plate.

* Blame it on the Alcohol

If your date consists of hitting the newest artisanal cocktail bar, you might want to pay attention to something a little unusual: the kind of glass you’re being served. The one to watch out for? Short and wide glasses; they may be a sneaky source of calories. Bartenders pour an additional 20 to 30 percent more into the shorties as opposed to their taller counterparts.

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* Turn One Meal into Two

This takes the whole “leave stuff on your plate” concept to the next level. “When you’re consciously trying to stretch a meal, you’re more likely to listen to your hunger cues so you can ration enough to have those leftovers.

* Beware of the Buckets

By now you know that movie theater popcorn isn’t the healthiest option—just one small, buttery bag contains over 300 calories, almost 30 grams of fat and over 200 milligrams of sodium. That said, sometimes it’s hard to resist the delicious little kernels. When you decide to indulge à deux, opt for the smallest bag available.

* Speak Up

You could save yourself hundreds of calories just by making a few requests as you order, says Taub-Dix. First of all, she suggests asking your server to go light on oil and salt—restaurants use these two ingredients liberally since they add tons of flavor at a low cost. As for the breaded and fried stuff on the menu.

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