10 Best Places For Shopping In India

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10 Best Places For Shopping in India

How do you remember a destination you travelled to, long after you have returned from the trip? Memories and photographs are a great way to go back to the sweet ol’ times but that beautiful cardigan from a thrift shopping in Phuket or the San Francisco fridge magnet teleports you to that place quite literally like nothing else.

With a host of eccentric and iconic bazaars where you can buy just about anything you might be looking for, markets in India are a thrill to shop at. Colourful, crowded and teeming with possibilities depending on your bargaining powers, visit the following spots to satisfy your inner shopaholic. Shopping for unforgettable souvenirs is a great way to remember a favorite destination. But it’s also a wonderful way to learn about a culture, a city’s distinct style, and to mingle with locals.

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# Jaipur

This heritage city of India tops the list as one of the best shopping destinations of India. The city has managed to hold on to its cultural value even with the racing technological adaption and mall culture.

The Pink City celebrates shopping in all its hues. The famous Bapu Bazaar and Jhohari Bazaar of Jaipur are gateways to the vibrant world of Rajasthani Bandhanis, lehariyas and batik prints.

The markets are also known for their lac bangles, silver jewelry, other silverware, blue pottery and ornamental home accessories which are durable, authentic and affordable. However, the more ornamental you get in your choice the steeper the prices will be. The city also organises fairs and expos to give a platform to artisans from far and near to showcase their talent.

Things to Buy

Gold and Silver Jewelry, Rajasthani fabric, Shawls, Lac Jewelry, Bangles, Accessories and Precious Gemstones like garnet and emeralds are the most common items to buy in Jaipur.

If you are ready to spend a few more hours into shopping, you can buy Marble Works, Brassware, Wood Items, Leather Items, Puppets, Pottery Items and Others. The traditional Kundan jewelry is a trademark product of Jaipur.

You ought to buy a few for yourself and your friends and family back home. Leather goods especially footwear, wallets and diaries for your blogger or poetry freak friend back home will make for the best gift.

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# Delhi

The capital city of the country can most certainly be called the shopping capital of the nation too! When it comes to Delhi, you need not worry about searching for luxury malls for shopping and entertainment.

Numerous malls around the city are famous for selling top brands, luxury entertainment elements and others. But if you are planning to buy traditional items that represent the culture of the land, street shopping is the best.

The glitzy malls of Rajouri or Vasant Kunj, colourful Dilli Haat or flea markets of Sarojini Nagar and Palika Bazaar, each has its own charm. From clothes, accessories and handicrafts, to electronics, automobiles and everything else; you can find it all in Delhi.

Things to Buy

Famous items to buy in Delhi are Handicrafts, Clothing, Fashion Items, Spices, and Dry Fruits, exotic and rare Ayurvedic medicines. Other common items are Jewels, Accessories, Leather Items, Electronics and Handlooms.

Textiles and cultural handicrafts are very common in this city. When it comes to souvenir items, it is advisable to buy spices, handicrafts, pearls and accessories.

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# Kashmir

Well the beauty of this heavenly place doesn’t let shopping come to your mind when you visit Kashmir, but who doesn’t want to splurge in the Pashmina shawls displayed in various markets here.

The mind-blowing sceneries and wonderful climate is the first memory of this paradise. Those who have been to Kashmir know the value of shopping here. You can find high quality woolen clothing here. Apart from this, there are a lot of unique souvenir items and quality products to choose in Kashmir. Don’t forget to stock up on saffron too!

Things to Buy

Top things that tourists like to buy in Kashmir are accessories, Wool Clothing, Carpets, Spices, Antique Items, Tweed Garment, Jewelry, Walnut-Wood Work, Thangka Painting, Tea and Shawls. Other common items to buy in Kashmir are Essential Oils, Antique Silver Jewelry, Pashmina Shawl and Handlooms.

Take a sip of Kashmir every day long after you have returned from the trip with Kasmiri tea and kahwa. Did you know Kashmir has a famous pink tea that is salty in taste? Other must-buy items in Kashmir are Hand Woven Carpets and Rugs, Wall Hangings, Antique Copper Items, Willow Baskets, Handlooms, Spices and Others. If you have a good budget, you can buy Kashmir saffron too.

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# Chennai

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when we say ‘shopping in Chennai’, it is the beautiful, rich Kanjeevaram saree. Chennai is a famous tourist spot for its sightseeing areas, beaches and Mahabalipuram heritage site.

Apart from these tourism activities, this place is filled with numerous luxury malls that offer branded items, entertainment and luxury shopping experience. As always, if you want to buy souvenirs that reflect the heritage of the city, it is better to stick to street shopping.

Things to Buy

Famous souvenir items in Chennai are Handicrafts, Clothing, Accessories, Kancheepuram Silk Materials, Replica of Stone Sculptures of Mahabalipuram and others. In Chennai, you can find specialty items of neighboring small towns in Chennai like Kancheepuram Silk Sarees, Replicas of Mahabalipuram, temple sculptures et al. It is better to buy from authentic shops while choosing Kancheepuram Silk Sarees. Clothing, materials and accessories can be found in large number here.

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# Mumbai

The city of dreams is actually a dream destination when it comes to shopping. Your shopping dreams can come true here with millions of shops and various unique items. Apart from sightseeing, water activities and others, Mumbai has a crowded list of markets, which are famous among tourists.

Arguably the most popular markets in the city, roam for miles on the footpaths of South Mumbai bazaara and get enamoured by the colourful kurtas, kaftans, Kolhapuri chappals, jewelry and antique pieces like hookahs and gramophones. You will also find an unusual collection of purses made of jute, cane and even wood here. Simply browsing through the market is a pleasurable experience which can be followed by a relaxing drink at Leopold cafe.

Things to Buy

Clothing and spices are two main things to buy in Mumbai. Trending Accessories, Leather Items and Electronics are found a lot here. Idols of deity made with varying materials are a very common souvenir here.

Other items to consider buying in Mumbai are brass items, handicraft, antiques, books, semi-precious gems and others. If you are planning to buy any souvenir item, you can choose wood items, spices, jewelry and others. Deity statues are common here in various size and materials. If you visit during Ganesh Chaturthi, you can find hundreds of types of Elephant God statues made with eco-friendly products.

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Thrift shopping is the second (or maybe third) most famous thing here after the beaches and the happening beach parties. This paradise has more to offer than just beaches and nightlife. With Portuguese’s rule, the city has still some scent of European culture here. This is the main reason to why souvenirs in Goa are very unique than those you find in other places of India.

Things to Buy

You can find accessories, Alcohol, Spices, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Cashews and other items here. You can find small showpiece items made with different materials and in different styles. They serve as a good souvenir item. Top unique items that you ought to try are Spices, Cashew Wine, Showpieces made with Seashells, Trinkets and seafood snacks.

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# Mysore

When it comes to shopping in Mysore, Sandalwood ranks the highest in the most-selling items. Do you know that almost all tourists who visiting stores for souvenirs consider sandalwood articles as gifts? Apart from sandalwood, there are numerous other items to get amazed while shopping in Mysore.

Things to Buy

Top items to buy in Mysore are Sweets, Handicrafts, Art Items, Silk Materials, Sandalwood Sticks, Incense Products, Paintings, Spices and others. Unique souvenirs in Mysore are Sandalwood, Silk and Sweets. Mysorepak is a wonderful gift for all those with sweet tooth. There are numerous different types of wooden toys based on animals and mythological figures.

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# Kolkata

If you love shopping, you ought to visit Kolkata during Dusshera. You can find a lot of fairs, exhibitions and festivals. This is the city to buy unique art and craft items and souvenirs. Top tourist spots to enjoy are Bellur Math temple, Howrah Bridge, Marble palace, Birla Planetarium, Eden Farden and others. Since it is located along the banks of the holy river, Ganges, you can find many religious items on display too.

Things to Buy

You can find many emporiums here. The main items that attract tourists are saris, leather items and delicacies. Terracotta items are must-buy items of this city. If you are visiting the Pottery Village, you can buy many masterpieces. The cost of these items will be very high during festival times.

Lord Durga statue is very commonly found in Kolkata in various styles and materials. Milk sweets of Kolkata are famous but the shelf life is very less. If you love clothing, you can buy Kolkata Saree which is a very famous fabric all over India. The main souvenir of Kolkata is terracotta items. Buying a plaque or statue made of terracotta as a souvenir is very common here.

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# Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad was known as the Manchester of the East for its trade work of cloth. And till date the best thing to buy here remains fabric of different types. This heritage-filled region is famous for shopping traditional items. From traditional attires like bandhani and cotton silk to handicrafts like torans and aabh work, Ahmedabad is every traditional lovers’ paradise.

Things to Buy

Top souvenir items here are Sweets, Clothing, Jewelry, Wooden Toys, Pottery Items And Handicraft. You can find specialty items of neighboring regions of Gujarat here. Dandiya is a wooden stick used for making synced sound while dancing the traditional dance of Gujarat. Painted Dandiya is a souvenir item of Ahmedabad.

Unique items to buy in Ahmedabad are hand-made pottery, Handicrafts and Farsan (delicacy). If you are planning to choose clothing, you ought to buy Bandhej fabric, which is famous for its colorful prints and quality. If you are buying art, you can choose paintings of modern artists in many galleries in Ahmedabad.

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# Lucknow

The capital of Uttar Pradesh has more to offer you in terms of sightseeing, experience and shopping. After enjoying Bada Imambara, Catherdral of Hazratganj, La Martiniere School, Husainabad Clock Tower, Memorial Museum, Jama Masjid and others, you ought to try out the shopping in this city. This city is surrounded by many culture and tradition making unique souvenirs available in many markets.

Things to Buy

Chikan work is a famous souvenir. It is a thread work made on materials with gold and silver threads. You can find Tablemat, Bed Sheets, Clothing and others with this work. Other top items to buy in Lucknow are Metal Works, Gems, Garments, and Spices. The things that are unique in Lucknow are Chikan Work, Ittar (a type of perfume famous among Mughals and Nawabs) and Semi-Precious Jewelry.

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