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10 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Taj Mahal

By: Kratika Mon, 09 May 2022 2:41:02

10 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Taj Mahal

There is no doubt that the Taj Mahal is said to be a sign of love. But it is also true that there are so many facts and myths related to it that you might not even have heard it in history. Here you will be able to explore some of the hidden facts so far which will make you rethink this monument.

This place of love surely has got some great insights which might help you have a better view of it before you plan to have a visit to this place. But don’t forget when you visit here, you have your camera ready because the best shots of sunrise, sunset, and the in the night are something you never should miss out on.

The Taj Mahal is situated in the huge, nearly 17 hectares of Mughal garden in the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh on the right bank of the Yamuna River. Established in 1632 and completed in 1648 AD by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of the Mumtaz Mahal his queen, the mosque, the Guest House, and the main entrance to the south and the outer court and cloisters were then finished in the year 1653 AD.

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Throughout all Indo-Islamic architecture, the Taj Mahal is considered the largest architectural achievement. The recognized architectural beauty blends solids and voids with a rhythmic shade of concave, convex, and light, as well as arch and dome. The lush green and blue-sky color combination depicts the monument in ever-shifting tints and moods. The marble relief works with precious and semi-precious stones rendering it into a memorial.

Taj Mahal is a lovely place and to have a picture of this mausoleum in the background can surely be the best thing, but remember, this place was built by the emperor as a love sign for his wife for which he had dedicated major resources so that even after her death the remembrance will never rub off. And looking at this monument, suffice it to say, that he managed to get this done rightly. But there are some of the myths that you might want to know:

taj mahal,interesting facts about taj mahal,agra

# The Meaning Behind The Name

Taj Mahal is the Mughal empire architecture which stands to be the most beautiful place. Located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, this beautiful place is built in a white market. The Arabic meaning of this place is said to be the crown of palaces. When you will have a look at it, you will realize on your own the reasons why it is said so. It is also said to be the Islamic art jewel of the nation in a place that is predominantly Hindu.

# The Changing Moods Captured

Yes, this isn’t funny but true. The changing mood of the wife of the emperor can be visible with the Mausoleum changing hues. This can be noted at different times of the day. When it is morning, you will set it in the pinkish-blue shade while in the evening it is the milky white and if you have a look at it in the night, the golden color with moonlight illumination will be noted.

taj mahal,interesting facts about taj mahal,agra

# The Time Says It All

The constitution was never easy. It is believed that all the workers who constructed the work of this place had to lose their hand later so that they will neb be able to make the masterpiece the same. But yes, this generous architecture took nearly 17 years the complete.

# A Recognizable Feature

You may come across bibi ka Makbara which is said to be the similar architecture of this monument. But surely, it has got a lot different than that of the Taj Mahal since; it is easily recognized with the feature of a White dome which is located at the mausoleum peak which is also popular by the name of the Onion dome.

taj mahal,interesting facts about taj mahal,agra

# The Wonder Of The World

Needless to say, India is not just standing out to have a UNESCO site but also stands out to be on the list of the wonder of the world and for this, it is the Taj Mahal for which we must give the credit too. This beautiful place is said to be a popular tourist attraction because of which a major number of people in Agra city are earning since it attracts more than millions of people every year.

# The Real Purpose

Many people say it is a love sign but this was built in the honor of Shah Jahan’s wife who was Mumtaz. She was said to be extremely beautiful and believe it or not, she was not the only wife of Shaha Jahan but it is believed that the king had his heart for her. When she died during childbirth due to complications he decided to dedicate this to her and also buried her in the same complex. So basically more than a love story you can say it was built as a tragic story.

taj mahal,interesting facts about taj mahal,agra

# Islamic Calligraphy Inscriptions

In the prominence of the Hindu religion, the Taj Mahal is still appreciated because of its incredible beauty and architecture. If you have a closer look you will find the Calligrapher signature that statues this has been written by Amanat Khan Shirazi. It is more in the Arabic language than the Quran and is surely well inscribed at different places.

# Pollution Is Damaging

The increasing pollution is damaging our mother nature and one of the finest examples of the same is the Taj Mahal. It is said that buses and cars are not allowed to be entered 500 meters from this location since Delhi is known to be a populated and environmental place and the Taj Mahal has to be protected from the harmful effects.

taj mahal,interesting facts about taj mahal,agra

# A Perfect Blend

This architecture is a blend of Persian, Islamic, and Indian Styles. If you choose and have closer look at the impressive architecture of the building, you will find the fine detailing of the Taj Mahal is made grandly and most beautifully behind what may seem to be quite real.

# The Year Of Construction

If you have a closer look you will find it to be the monument which has become quite old and suffice it to say it indeed is. It was made from 1632 to 1653 with white marble and basically, Shah Jahan invested 32 million Indian Rupees with the help of Architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

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