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10 Preventive Tips To Avoid Getting Sick On Plane

By: Pinki Tue, 13 Apr 2021 4:42 PM

10 Preventive Tips To Avoid Getting Sick on Plane

Statistically, one out of five people gets sick after traveling on the plane.Studies vary in regards to the numbers, allowing 20 to 113 times higher chance of getting the flu on the plane than during an ordinary day. They agree that the possibility is much higher, though. Very close quarters shared air, and extremely low cabin humidity have been identified as potential reasons for this situation. By being responsible for your own protection, you protect others as well.

# Avoid close contact with sick people. Please remain polite and understanding, and simply put a bit more distance between you (choose another seat in the waiting area, for example). It is also completely fine to excuse yourself from having a conversation or interaction.

# Wash hands often and thoroughly with soap and running water. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer in case soap and water are not available. Clean your face and nostrils with special wipes.

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# Make it a habit not to touch or rub your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

# Absolutely never eat at the airport with your hands unwashed: you are eating everything that was on that elevator handle at the airport and the toilet water tap button. Yum!

# Have your hand sanitizer or wipes with you in easy access like a clip on your bag or purse. If you need to clean your hands, digging inside your purse might not be the best idea. The CDC’s recommendation is 60% alcohol sanitizers.

# According to CDC, the dirtiest contact points are armrests, toilet seat, buckle on the belt, overhead air went, your tray table, entertainment center screen, and bathroom door handle. Simply wipe them with sanitary wipes at the beginning of your trip.

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# Bring a face mask and wear it. Nasal filters may be more discreet, but we breathe in through the mouth as much as we do through the nostrils, so they might not protect you sufficiently.

# Choose a window seat and do not walk in aisles until the flight is over, if possible. Several recent studies have found that people sitting in the aisle are exposed to several times more airborne germs due to the nature of the airflow in the cabin.

# Passengers within two seats or one row of someone with a respiratory illness are 80% more likely to contract a disease. Ask the flight attendant to allow you to change your seat.

# Hand sanitizer, wipes, and masks are very cheap: for less than $5-$10, you are potentially avoiding costly treatment and loss of productivity (or spoiling your long-awaited vacation).

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