5 Best Cruise Rides To Enjoy In Goa

By: Kratika Sat, 18 Sept 2021 5:42 PM

5 Best Cruise Rides To Enjoy in Goa

Goa tops the list of famous hub of beaches in India. But apart from beaches there are other interesting experiences to explore here. One among those spectacular expeditions includes the voyage of must-try cruises in Goa. The cruise ships arrange numerous breath-taking views and adventurous activities for his or her visitors a day within the city. In fact, these are the foremost time-efficient ways of exploring Goan shorelines gushing with the Arabian Sea & the rejuvenating backwaters of Goa. There are distinct sorts of cruise ships available consistent with your requirements starting from 1-hour cruise in Goa to an all-nighter scrumptious dinner cruise at a full-of-the-moon cruise ride in Goa. Choose your favourite from the given below 5 suggestions regarding the simplest cruise rides in Goa to explore & be amazed!

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# Sunset River Cruise

Sunset River Cruise is one of the most demanded & popular cruises in Goa. Tourists just melt altogether over the magical views of sunset experienced on this 2-hours cruise ride. This cruise is the best chilling adventure to explore especially after an exhausting day of sightseeing in Goa. What can be more romantic than, experiencing the sunset whilst the gushing breeze of the Arabian Sea muffles with the radiant hues of the sky transforming the whole cruise into an artistic painting that came alive. The romantic couples generally find such enchanting dusk a fabulous romantic escape in the Arabian Sea. The cruise also passes across Panjim City, Adil Shah’s Palace, Fort Aguada, Hotel Mariott, Ferry Point, the Floating Casinos, and Reis Magos Fort. Cruise Timings are- 4:30 p.m. at different locations in the city.

goa,cruise rides in goa,places to visit in goa

# Backwater Cruise

Backwater cruise in Goa is also popularly known as the ‘Shantadurga’ cruise. The cruise abodes around 150 passengers on one trip. Backwater cruise grants you an ideal opportunity to indulge in various entertainment activities that are super fun and engaging. Whereas the luscious greenery embellished by colossal angling nets on the shores, pouncing dolphins in sparkling water & thick mangroves are the best scenic views to capture from this famous cruise ride in Goa. Occasionally you can also catch a glimpse of crocodiles bathing in the sun near the shorelines. A short stoppage at Spice Garden during this voyage offers an insight into the Goan spice production. The cruise also passes through Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Chorao Island which will be the highlight of this ride for avid bird enthusiasts.

goa,cruise rides in goa,places to visit in goa

# Dolphin Safari Cruise

As the name signifies the main attraction of this incredibly amazing cruise in Goa, India is Dolphin. The Dolphins whooshing out water from their signature blowholes is a fabulous view to catch amidst the majestic Arabian Sea. The scenery becomes more enchanting & profound when the cruise offers you the best accommodations and food menus to enjoy during this exhilarating ride. A custom boat ride best suited for children is also arranged to gain the most out of this golden opportunity in the Goan waters. Make sure you carry comfortable clothes and water shoes to avoid any inconvenience during the trip.

goa,cruise rides in goa,places to visit in goa

# Dinner Cruise in Goa

Dinner Cruise in Goa is amongst the best rides to enjoy summer vacations with the least time consumed in traversing. The travellers get to enjoy numerous dance forms like Dekhni and Fugdi as they move forward from the Jetty in Santa Monica to the river Mandovi on this cruise ride. This Santa Monica cruise in Goa gives you spectacular views of Adil Shah Palace which is known for being the late spring royal residence of the Sultan in Goa. The cruise also traverses across River Mandovi leading you towards a tranquil setting escaping from the chaotic hustle & noise of the city. Enjoy the engaging entertainment activities at this cruise & make your summer holidays more memorable this year.

goa,cruise rides in goa,places to visit in goa

# Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise is the top luxury cruise in Goa known for its astonishing gaming experience amidst the pleasant vibes of the Mandovi river. Just board on this exciting cruise ship at Panaji and turn your boring tours into a refreshing day filled with lively games such as American Roulette, Blackjack, Rummy, Stud Poker, Baccarat, Pontoon, and Flash. The vistas of the Arabian Sea along with charming lights of the cruise ship yields a hallucinating concoction of good times that mesmerizes you entirely. The entertainment night, delicious dinner, and amazing performances are the additional perks of these luxurious cruise ships, which you mustn’t miss in Goa during the summers.

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