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5 Breathtaking Beautiful Treks To Explore In Meghalaya

By: Kratika Sat, 18 Sept 2021 5:42 PM

5 Breathtaking Beautiful Treks To Explore in Meghalaya

Meghalaya or the land of clouds is the most wettest region in India. This northeastern state receives the very best rainfall, annually in India. The trekking trail in Meghalaya offers a number of the foremost unique pathways for trekkers to be amazed starting from root bridges to bordered regions of Bangladesh. The confusing routes are sure to overthrow your passion for trekking during this city. Here is list of 5 popular treks in Meghalaya to hike will surely come up as an aid choose your next summer holiday destination this year. Trust me the luscious greenery infused with soothing breeze and cloudy mystical mountain peaks of Meghalayan treks will never leave you regretful!

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# The Living Tree Bridge Trek

Living Roots Bridge trek because the name signifies is legendary for its root bridges that were made after wondrous natural also as man-made labor. These root bridges are the main attraction of this top trek in Meghalaya. Khasi tribal community is credited with all the glory for this incredible creation of bridges. They used ancient rubber trees to supply more durability to the bridges, lasting for much longer than the standard wooden bridges. Nongriat is another splendid trekking location lying in close affinity to the Living Roots Bridge. Despite being short its one among the must-visit trekking in Meghalaya which you want to explore.

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# Umden Village Trek

Umden Village Trek may be a well-forested and canopied region in Meghalaya. Out of which long acres of forests are dedicated to the cultivation of Eri silk. thanks to this unique feature, Umden Village is understood as ‘the land of silk’ within the region. For those trekkers who wish to experience the village’s unique culture closely, it's the perfect location to go to during summers. you'll also wander through luscious tea estates or strawberry fields amidst the soothing breeze of Meghalyan winds. In fact, it's amongst the simplest trekking trail in Meghalaya to find out something new altogether, so what if that has learning the method of silk production! a minimum of , you’d be leaving the vacation with a replacement skill.

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# David Scott Trail

David Scott Trail may be a 16km long trek in Meghalaya. the bottom point of the trek is situated at Mawphlang and ends at Ladmawphlang. For the wanderers who always search for more this trekking adventure would be a memorable feast. The culture and folklore, of the locals falling in between the trekking trail along side scenic views of sparkling rivers, cascading waterfalls, luscious-thick greenery, and beautifully constructed bridges surely tempt the travelers to pave their way all across the tour. you'll also inspect the favored historical attractions like the tomb in Mawsahep, the fresh and clear Umiam river, and Simpanghang Falls.

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# Mawlyngot Trek

Mawlyngot Trek is one among the famous trekking trails in Meghalaya that's nestled at 4800 feet within the Eastern Khasi hills. Mawlyngot village even lies on the brink of the capital city Shillong making it an easily accessible trekking choice to tour during summers. Usually, this region is understood for being the tea hub of the state of Meghalaya. Therefore, tourists also can spot rich forest cover all across the trekking ride. Amidst the tiny hill and rejuvenating Umsong river, it offers astonishing views of the town . For such magical experiences, Mawlyngot Trek is that the best place to enjoy together with your family & friends.

treks to explore in meghalaya,meghalaya,trekking in meghalaya

# Mawlongbna Village Trekking

Mawlongbna Village Trekking is that the perfect trekking tour of Meghalaya that any adventure seeker should hike once in their lifetime. it's among the foremost soothing places in Meghalaya which arrange all types of adventure sports and camping for its trekkers. Whereas the slow-paced explorers observing fossils of extinct carnivores, walking amidst unique flora, canoeing is that the perfect activity to practice during this trek. you'll also try zip-lining amidst the thick jungle especially once you are free from all the peak phobias! because it would be damn scary for those that are scared of highly elevated places. Since this trek is typically through with an overnight stay within the village it might be the simplest memory to require on further.

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