5 Epic Trekking Places In North India

By: Pinki Thu, 20 Feb 2020 4:19:28

5 Epic Trekking Places in North India

There is a thirst in all of us to triumph over the elements of nature. We want to discover newer trails or tread the old ones with a renewed determination. We want to get away from home only to feel at home in places we have never been. It’s undeniable, this thirst.

* Chadar River Trek, Ladakh

It’s a part of the world where kids risk their lives to reach school every year after holidays. It is also a place where ice changes colours and you can see your own reflection in it. The Chadar River Trek both fascinates and scares. Located in Ladakh, Chadar trek is a lesson in survival and triumph of mankind. You get to walk on the frozen Zanskar river surrounded by pastel canyons and dusky ravines. It is a world of its own kind. Make your home at night inside the caves nestled between the mountains on the way and make chai. Wake up early to catch the first rays of light falling on Chadar.

* Great Lakes Trek, Kashmir

The Great Lakes trek is a visual poetry that sprinkles your heart with colours of Kashmir. A grey is written all over the valleys, while some days the Sun smiles saffron through the pine trees. You tread barefoot on the soft green grass spread on the meadows, as the eyes get a kiss of white Himalayas. As the blue and purple Iris flowers greet, the brown Maple trees dance folk. You go fishing trout in one of the lakes, or pitch your tents near the shepherd huts. The twin lakes of Vishnusar-Kishansar gleam sensuously at night cuddled between the mountains. The hot Kadha in a dhaba about 1100 feet above sea level, tastes like nectar. The trek begins at Sonmarg, that can be easily reached from Srinagar.

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* Snow Leopard Trek, Ladakh

Taking this trek is like waking up to a whole new culture in the enchanting town of Ladakh. Add to that the sightings of the elusive snow leopard, the blue sheep and the yak, you get a taste of the life of National Geographic reporters. You arise before the day-break to bump into the monks returning from prayers. The yak butter-tea and homemade biscuits served by your hosts in Rumbak village set you for the day ahead. And then it’s a quest where your distractions are the snowcapped peaks, the frozen rivers and streams and the vegetarian broth cooked on the fire by locals. The only downside of this trek is, you get used to this life.

* Chopta Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand

The water beneath a snow tablet sizzles like an eel as you make your way through the slippery white blanket of this trek. As you start the trek, there are oak trees and rhododendron flowers typical to North Indian mountains. Mountain rats make guest appearances once in a while. You walk on knee-deep snow or choose to tread on the tin rooftops of abandoned houses till you reach Tunganath. And from here begins your ultimate test of perseverance as you climb up a steep slope of 5 km till Chandrashila peak. Chopta is nearest to Ukhimath and Rudraprayag.

* Dodital Trek, Uttaranchal

his is a trek where you learn camping at snow. Lying under a starry night, as you force yourself to sleep, the sounds of streams flowing below or the cracking of snow is like music. For sometime Assi Ganga river paves the way. Little stone bridges evoke the child in you and before you know it, you find yourself throwing snowballs at each other. When Dodital materializes, the tiny stream leading to the village makes you want to live here. And you do, at least for a few days. This trekking trail can be easily reached through Haridwar.

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