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5 Highest Mountains To Explore For Adventure Traveler

By: Pinki Wed, 17 June 2020 11:26:17

5 Highest Mountains To Explore For Adventure Traveler

The highest mountain is Mount Everest and everyone knows it. How about the second highest one or the fifth highest one? Are you an adventure traveler looking for some adrenaline actions?

Here is the list of top 5 highest mountains in the world for you to visit.

* Mount Everest

Reaching 8,848m above sea level, this mountain is the top in the list. Located in the border of Nepal and Tibet, the mountain can be reached through both the countries. People reach the base camp for an adventurous trip. Those who wish to climb the peak train for more than a year to gain physical and mental stamina to do so. The best time to visit the base camp or for climbing, is between April and June or, between September and November. During these seasons, the temperature will be comparatively warm and the place will be dry too.

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* K2

K2 or Mount Godwin Austen perches up to 8611 m above sea level. Located on China and Pakistan border, this mountain is famous for climbing and trekking. Winter is the worst time to visit this mountain as it experiences extreme storms that span for several days. The base camp for this mountain is located in Pakistan. It is one of the most difficult mountain to ascend and it has a high fatality rate next to Annapurna. Thus, seasonal tourists do not try to go beyond the base camp.

* Kangchenjunga

Located in Sikkim of India and Nepal, this peak stands at 8,586m. The scenic view of this mountain can be enjoyed from Darjeeling in India and Ilam of Nepal. From the Darjeeling war memorial, one can enjoy a clear view of the peak. Permission to ascend the mountain is denied from India due to locals considering the peak to be sacred. Trekking choose Nepal route to ascend. For trekking, the most pleasing route to the foothill is Goecha La located in Sikkim.

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* Lhotse

At a height of 8,516, this tall mountain stands in Tibet. It borders Tibet and Khumbu of Nepal. It is very close to Mount Everest and it is one of the most difficult mountains to climb because of the extreme weather condition. The base camp of this mountain is Everest Base Camp. After Camp 3, mountaineers take a different route to reach Lhotse.

* Makalu

At 8,485m, this mountain borders Nepal and China. The mountain is very famous for Makalu Barun Valley located on the base of the mountain. During summer, the valley turns into a lush green paradise with high waterfalls, craggy rock, wild colorful flowers, deep gorges, lush forests and it homes several species of birds and animals. Although famous among ice climbers, Makalu is not chosen by most of the mountaineers due to its difficult geographical elements.

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