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5 Most Famous Places You Can Visit In Koraput

By: Kratika Wed, 01 Feb 2023 3:22:00

5 Most Famous Places You Can Visit in Koraput

Nature has gifted many places on earth that are special. One of these is Koraput. Nature, Culture and Adventure- these 3 word can easily describe this place. Koraput is situated in the state of Odisha. It is a place which has rich and diverse types of mineral deposits.

One can find different kinds of tribes, the natural son of the soil and their beautiful cultures here. It is also known for its famous festival “Parab”. Many people came here to experience the natural beauty and to research tribal culture and habits.

If you are tired from your hectic life and want some peace, then you should definitely visit this beautiful place – Koraput. Tourism, it has enchanting hills, verdant forests, winding streams, exotic wildlife and a rich tribal way of life. Here we have a list of places you should visit if we go to Koraput.

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# Sabara Srikhetra – Jagannath Temple

The main attraction of Koraput is the Jagannath Temple, popularly known as the Sabara Srikhetra. Since it was built by the Sabaras (tribes) of Koraput, it was named Sabara Srikhetra. This temple is the complete replica of the Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri, as the Puri temple has 22 steps from the entrance to the main door, this temple too has 22 steps from the entrance to the main door, Avada (Prasad) selling centre known as Ananda Bazar, Swarga Dwara and many more temples surrounding the main dome of Koraput Jagannath Temple is as similar as Puri Jagannath Temple.

One can view the beautiful scenery of the garden created in and around the temple. This is the perfect place for those who want some peace from their hectic life.

famous places you can visit in koraput,holidays,travel,tourism

# Deomali Mountain

Deomali is the highest and the largest mountain peak of Odisha Which is situated in the Chandragiri- Pottangi subrange of the Koraput district. The top of Deomali Mountain has a flat surface to explore the beauty of the hill and its picturesque scenery.

One who is adventurous should go there to discover the beautiful scenery of nature. You can also feel the sweet breeze and the greenery of Table Top Mountain and a wonderful sight.

famous places you can visit in koraput,holidays,travel,tourism

# Duduma Waterfall- Matsya Tirtha

Duduma waterfall which is about 175 metres high is formed by the Machkund River. It is the 3rd highest waterfall in Odisha after Barehipani and Khandadhar waterfalls. You can also find a hydel power project plan and a customary dam.

Those who love nature and want to explore places beyond the stereotypical boundary of tourism should visit this place. Since it’s a place with stunning natural beauty as well as the scope of scientific exploration.

Along with the natural beauty, you can also experience the culture and the traditional attires of the Bondas (tribes) living near there.

famous places you can visit in koraput,holidays,travel,tourism

# Tribal Museum

The Tribal Museum is situated in Koraput. It is a place which was established to preserve the cultural heritage of the local tribes and promote their arts, crafts, dances and music.

You can see the beautiful collection of stone sculptures, weapons, tools, clothes, ornaments, wooden objects, paintings, rare objects and textiles among other things which will give a thorough knowledge about the rich culture of Odisha. The collection depicts its old and traditional cultural values which reflects their skills in art, music, paintings and even in fighting as well. One should visit this place to witness absolute new and different things.

famous places you can visit in koraput,holidays,travel,tourism

# Gupteswar Temple

Gupteswar, the holy shrine of Shiva Lingam situated in the cave inside the forest of Ramagiri Hills in the Koraput district of Odisha. The main attraction of the temple is the gigantic Shiva Linga which is said to be increasing in size right from 2m in width.

The Shiva Linga is a natural one which exists from old ages. Since this Linga is located inside a cave and it was not accessible easily for the people in old days, so it was known as Gupteswar temple or Hidden Shiva Temple.

The temple is surrounded with dense forest of rare big Sal trees and Saberi Rivers, you can have a beautiful experience of the excellent sceneries in and around the temple.

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