5 Must Visit Bakeries In Vienna

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5 Must Visit Bakeries in Vienna

Vienna is not just known as the capital of classical music, but also as the capital of cake. From apple strudel to sachertorte, there are countless baked goods worth sampling in Vienna and the city is famous for its sheer abundance of bakeries. Read on to discover our pick of the best.

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# Joseph Brot

For firm believers of conservative methods, this bakery is dedicated to tradition. A lovely selection of bread and pastries are available and all are reassuringly crafted by hand with love. As well as delicious sourdough and rye bread, the pastry selection almost looks too good to eat – from the daintily-crafted éclairs to the pastel-coloured layer cakes. There are three shops to choose from in Vienna; one of which is a pâtisserie bistro.

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# Simply Raw Bakery

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular around the world and Simply Raw Bakery is keeping up with the trend. Considering all its products are devoid of all the components that are ordinarily essential elements in baked goods (eggs, milk and butter), it has a pleasingly wide selection of cakes. Kitsch and cute in its decor, it feels like a mixture between old and new.

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# Gragger & Cie wood stove baker

Austrian Baker Helmut Gragger pours his heart and soul into his baking. His wood stove is in the center of the bakery, giving customers the opportunity to watch him knead and throw flour while browsing loaves. Inside a late-Baroque style house, this bakery transports you back in time – it’s a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with a beautiful and homely aroma.

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# Pnyka Griechische Backerei

This Greek bakery, located in the heart of the city, has a huge variety of Mediterranean treats, including spinach or meat filled-pastries, cheesy crumbly biscuits and savoury crackers, as well as honey-filled sweet treats. Pair your choice with a traditional coffee – strong and fragrant, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any baked good.

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# Cafe Demel

Located around the corner from the Habsburg Palace, the sweet treats at Cafe Demel were once enjoyed by the Empress Sissi. This elegant and beautifully decorated shop sells many of Vienna’s quintessential and dreamy specialties, including the Austrian speciality, kaiserschmarrn, which comes drenched in a plum stew, as well as lots of fresh sandwiches and pastries. The dreamy chocolate cake, sachertorte, is highly recommended.

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