5 Must Visit Tourist Attraction In Iraq

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5 Must Visit Tourist Attraction in Iraq

Iraq is the birthplace of many of the earth’s oldest civilizations including Babylonians and Assyrians. Iraq is a country in Western Asia bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Jordan to the southwest, Saudi Arabia to the south, and Syria to the west. The capital of Iraq, which is also the largest city in the country is Baghdad.

Iraq is often also known as the cradle of civilization and this is in reference to its ancient Mesopotamian City quite famous for its innovations in Science, literature, writing, medicine, law, and theology.

When we think about Iraq we may think about a picture of smoking battlefields, cruise missiles, and charging battle tanks, years of conflict which have besieged this country. Still, Iraq continues to struggle with lots of political strife, rather than just the scars of the war there is so much to see here.

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# Erbil

The citadel of Erbil is 7000 years old. This beautiful place in Iraq has an illustrious history and can be compared to other greats like Byblos and Cadiz. Erbil is also known as a UNESCO World Heritage site is a massive castle in the centre of the city which acts as a popular highlight of Iraq.

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# Ur

Ur is located in the Southern Iraqi desert. This place is the home of Ziggurat. Ur is a tall structure with high walls with steep staircases that would have been used in days, to worship the Akkadian moon gods. This place is quite famous for its biblical tales of EPIC floods and fearsome Babylonian kings.

It is one of the oldest and most mysterious places to visit in Iraq, and also known for one of the most beautiful ancient ruins in the region.

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# Bagdad

Bagdad is also one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit in Iraq as this place consists of lots of tourist attractions like a copper bazaar, Monuments such as the unknown soldier, and Assyrian treasures in the National Museum. But in recent times, it has suffered a lot due to incessant bombing and attacks by insurgent groups. That’s why a special permit to enter the green zone of the city must be taken.

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# Karbala

Karbala is a town, which is a home of 30 million pilgrims because of the Imam Husayn Shrine ( the final resting place of the martyr Husaynibn Ali who died in 680 AD during the battle of Karbala). This area is sacred to Shiite Muslims. Every year this town sees more than thousands of devotees arrive for the Ashuraday of Atonement.

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# Basrah

Basrah is the destination known for one of the most pivotal battles that happened during the Iraq war.

Basra is one of the most fascinating destinations in the entire country Iraq, and it is covered with palm forest and has a beautiful river Shatt al-Arab which is lined by the sunny Corniche al- Basra where you can peacefully walk along and enjoy the cool evening breeze around the river.

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