5 Places To Enjoy Nightlife In Chennai

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5 Places To Enjoy Nightlife in Chennai

Blending traditions and modern concepts without letting one overpower the other is extraordinary! You get to stay rooted in your traditional heritage and welcome modern ideas with open arms too! One of the very few places that have been able to make this extraordinary thing happen is Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. Now, if we are to enjoy our time with the traditional and cultural side of the city, we have many religious and historical places to visit in Chennai. But if we are to enjoy the contemporary nightlife of the city, where do we go then?

Well, much like the lively lifestyle of the city, the nightlife is quite high-spirited and happening. In fact, there are many places where you can spend your evenings with trendy music, vibrant ambience and succulent food. Getting all excited? So are we! And that is why, we say, let’s get the party started without wasting any more time! And for that, here we have 5 of the best places to enjoy Chennai’s nightlife.

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# 10 Downing Street - T. Nagar

Keeping people in high spirits, this is the motto of 10 Downing Street and they have certainly maintained that! At least the large number of people visiting this pub regularly proves so! Now, what is so great about this pub? Hold on tight because there is a long list! First of all is its theme! Remember those British pubs? You will get the same vibes here. With its classy decor, warm lights and wooden seating arrangements, this pub hits all the right chords. Talking about chords, the music here keeps going all the time. Be it karaoke, Bollywood night or retro night, rest assured, whenever you come here, you will have a great time grooving on fun beats!

As you dance and sing the evening away, let the huge range of cocktails and mocktails keep you energised. You will need to eat as well to keep the energy going. For that, shepherd's pie, chicken lasagna and tandoori platter are our top recommendations. A meal for two here costs Rs. 1500. And the pub remains open from 7 pm to 12 am.

places to enjoy nightlife in chennai,holiday,travel,tourism

# Chipstead - Nungambakkam

Quirky chairs and tables are great, but the red sofas and chairs with a red wall in the backdrop are tantalising. And this gorgeous celebration of red makes the Chipstead quite happening! The rest of the decor is classy, perfectly complemented by soft lighting. This one actually is quite a common place for parties. So, it stays crowded most nights. One reason behind it being so common and popular is its service hours! It stays open till 1 am and is one of the best late night pubs in Chennai.

You can come here with your friends and have a gala time! Coming to food and drinks! The pub has a range of signature drinks that you can choose from. With that order some finger food and enjoy! And then comes the bill. Rs. 2500 for two!

places to enjoy nightlife in chennai,holiday,travel,tourism

# Pasha - Nungambakkam

If a vibrant atmosphere is what you are looking for, trust us and head straight to Pasha. You wpn’t be disappointed at all! The dazzling lights and the shiny decor creates the perfect ambience to party! And the dance floor, always crowded, adds more zeal to the whole place. You can visit the pub any day you want, but it is known for hosting the most sensational Saturday nights.

The drinks menu of the pub has a long list of items including some signature drinks too. Go for the signature ones. And tandoori paneer tikka, fish finger and baby corn are must-haves with your drinks. The service hours of this pub is 8 pm to 2 am. And the pocket pinch is Rs. 3500.

places to enjoy nightlife in chennai,holiday,travel,tourism

# Blend - Royapettah

The Blend is quite renowned for its international vibe. As you enter, you will understand the craze around it. The decor is stylish, the lighting is gorgeous and overall, a contemporary theme is visible! Have a seat and enjoy some of its signature drinks or hit the dance floor. Actually, the music here is enchanting and you won’t be able to stop yourself from going to the dance floor for long!

In between dancing, don’t forget to dig in some food! The menu here is inviting and the starters are simply delicious! When you are planning to spend an evening here, remember the opening hours. From 5.30 pm to 11 pm. Yes, this one closes a little earlier than the others so far on our list. Also, the bill will be around Rs. 5000 for two!

places to enjoy nightlife in chennai,holiday,travel,tourism

# Bay 146 - Mylapore

A little different from the rest of the names on this list of best night clubs in Chennai! Here is how! It has a sense of elegance in its decor. You will find touches of nature and rustic vibes created by the pebbles and stone structures used in the decor. And in terms of music too, it is different. Instead of standard DJ nights, it has live music nights. Trust us, you will get plenty of chances to hit the dance floor because it is quite popular as a dance pub in Chennai. If you are tired or don’t want to be on the dance floor, there is a lounge area, with very comfortable seatings. And the views from here are pretty amazing.

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