5 Spectacular Experiences To Have In Bali

By: Neha Thu, 15 Dec 2022 4:17:16

5 Spectacular Experiences To Have in Bali

Bali is so diverse, and this is a great reason to explore more than just the beaches. Bali’s most beautiful and spectacular places are in regional areas. Hence making sure one explores and not misses out on one’s itinerary. There is so much this destination can make one fall in love with the place. With its rich culture, tropical beach to lush jungle, there are many unique and adventurous things to do in Bali. This place offers a little something for every traveller with off-beat and authentic things to do and see. Check out the 5 most spectacular experiences in Bali that can amaze a traveller.

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# Tukad Cepung Waterfall

One must have undoubtedly heard about Bali’s majestic waterfalls, but Tukad Cepung Waterfall is still Unknown to most people and very recently discovered by travellers. This waterfall is as close to nature as you get, making it almost virgin and unexplored, making it one of Bali’s 5 most spectacular experiences.

To reach the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, One has to climb a streamline of steps to get to this beauty and be gentle and respectful of the natural space around Tukad Cepung; since the waterfall remains a relative secret, the locals strive to maintain the area with utmost care. Walking down the cascade steps, remember to witness the cliffs encircle your surroundings with the waterfall flowing from a river above.

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# Marigold fields at Desa Temukus

‘Temukus Village’ also known as Desa Temukus, is known for being orange and not green as this place blossoms with beautiful yellowish-orange flowers. The marigold flower, or locally known as ‘Gemitir,’ is one particular flower used in religious rituals in Bali.

If you’ve ever wondered how beautiful it could be to be in the middle of flower fields full of marigolds, too filmy does the imagination stands? Still, the visualization just it’s the reality at this place; Desa Temukus in East Bali is a quiet village, close to the holiest temple in Bali. Many of its inhabitants grow flowers.

spectacular experiences to have in bali,holiday,travel,tourism

# Mount Batur at Pinggan Village

The most visited volcano in Bali is Mount Batur. Still, most visitors usually join the Kintamani village for views of the majestic figure. Still, For a spectacular view of Batur, head to Pinggan, a more isolated village, Here one can experience the fierce active volcano, adding to the list of the 5 most spectacular experiences in Bali. Both at sunrise and sunset, Batur is at its most photogenic, giving a treat to the eyes of the photographers.

spectacular experiences to have in bali,holiday,travel,tourism

# Canyon of Sukawati

Sukawati, Near Pura Beji Guwang, there’s a sacred and secret canyon that’s spectacular, mesmerizing anyone and everyone. For any photographer, this nature masterpiece is a blessing, and this remote canyon is a must-visit. The craziest thing about this canyon is it’s so uniquely shaped, which can just leave one admiring the view. When getting to this magnificent find, do be ultra-careful as one has to climb some big slippery rocks and pass several rivers with a sticky muddy floor.

spectacular experiences to have in bali,holiday,travel,tourism

# Nusa Islands

The grace and charm of Bali as years pass has only reached great heights, attracting visitors and tourists all around the world to this destination known as the Island of the Gods, Land of a Thousand Temples and The Last Paradise. One of the 5 most spectacular experiences in Bali one can’t afford to miss is heading to Nusa Islands.

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