5 Tourist Attraction To Visit In Vietnam

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5 Tourist Attraction To Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is an Asian country that shared its land border with Laos and Cambodia and water border with the South China Sea. If you look at the map of Vietnam, you will find that it is a stretched country in length than its breadth. Tourists who visit Vietnam get awestruck by its majestic beaches, beautiful landscape, and delicious food. The landscape provides different scenes like greens farms, high mountains, and dense forest. The history of Vietnam has seen many struggles. During the 19th century, Vietnam was under the control of the French and before that, it was ruled by the Chinese for over 1000 years.

Vietnam offers adventure activities, epic places to visit, and a unique country where visitors can find bustling cities, silent beaches, pubs, clubs, and splendid natural views. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country in South East Asia, please go through our article of the top 5 places to visit in Vietnam.

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# Ha Long Bay

Ha long bay is situated in the northeast of Vietnam, and famous for more than 1600 limestone islands that has emerged from its water. With an area of 1500sqkm, this place was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1944. With sceneries so beautiful, this place looks like a scene from the movie.This place offers boat rides for tourists to provide a chance to explore this bay. If you are interested in caving, you have just found your heaven. Summer is the best time to visit this place in Vietnam when the rains are less and the weather is warm, as kayaking can be enjoyed or you can spend time watching wildlife.

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# Ninh Binh

One of the reasons for being Ninh Binh is so popular and the best place to visit in Vietnam because the Blockbuster movie KONG was shoot here. You will also love beautiful rock formations, lush paddy fields, and the biggest temple in South East Asia. There is calmness in this area that can make you go spiritual. If you want to enjoy every bit of this place, hire a rowboat and be prepared to get mesmerized by its beauty. The good news about Ninh Binh is, it is available to visit throughout the year, every season is best to enjoy its unique beauty.

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# Hoi An

Hoi An was also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 as long stretched nation of Vietnam. The history & culture of the three countries Japan, Vietnam, and China are constantly mixed in past by their dealing from hundreds of years and its live example can be seen in architecture as Japanese bridge, Chinese temples, and French colonies are present here. The old shops of this area are converted into modern businesses and these shops, you will find tailors, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. There is an entry ticket to visit ancient town of Hoi An for both locals and foreigners.

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# Ho Chi Minh

For the fans of city life, the trip to Vietnam will not be completed till they visit the buzzing and vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh. Also known as the city of motorbikes as the roads are filled with motorbikes and crowded even more by cars. Restaurants and cafes are of the standard of metropolitan cities and Ho Chi Minh city is the best place to visit in Vietnam for shopping.

n the centre of the city is Dong Khoi, a small central district where many historical and archaeological sites are present. Near this city, French colonial architecture from the 19th century and a Jade emperor pagoda with Buddhist architecture embedded in it can also be seen here. A history museum for history lovers is also there where they can relive the era of emperors.

There is an independence palace, also known as the reunification palace where South Vietnam’s president lived during the Vietnam war. Near to the palace, is the spot where the tanks from North Vietnam stopped on 30th April 1975 to end the war. The whole area is still decorated like it was in 1960, giving it a lively presence. War remnants museum near the palace shows the different pictures of barbarian acts that US forces have done in Vietnam during the war.

vietnam,tourist attraction in vietnam,places to visit in vietnam,ninh binh,hoi an,ho chi minh

# Hue

Hue is a historic town of Vietnam and a must-visit place in Vietnam that has relics of the 19th century and of emperors in almost every corner of the city. The most gorgeous place to see is the imperial enclosure, built near the Perfume river with the walls stretched for around 2.5 km. Apart from this palace, there are many other historical buildings like Thai Hoa Palace, Ngo Mon Gate, the DienTho Residence, and the halls of mandarins to see.

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