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6 Amazing Water Parks You Must Visit In Jaipur

By: Kratika Fri, 17 Sept 2021 5:46:10

6 Amazing Water Parks You Must Visit in Jaipur

Jaipur or The Pink City, eponymous over the dominant colour scheme of its buildings is that the top tourist destination of Rajasthan. Despite the recent weather, you'll find super adventurous water parks in Jaipur, Rajasthan which will beat any large funfair . The favored summer destination to go to in India can’t be complete without exploring the given below 6 most-visited water parks of Jaipur that are filled with exhilarating water rides & other fun activities. In fact, the entry fee of water parks is additionally mentioned to assist your budget and let the explorer choose the destination with none discomfort regarding expenditures. Let’s beat the warmth this year with these amazing water parks at Jaipur and obtain our doses of summer fun!

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# Pink Pearl Water Park

Pink Pearl Water Park is one of the famous water parks in Jaipur that has gained popularity across time in the city. Now, it’s renowned with the name of Pink Pearl Hotel and Fun City. You might not find any other largest theme park in Rajasthan than Pink Pearl. The action-packed water slides, go-karting, rain dance, skating rink, and large wave pool wins your heart in just one squash. It is the best place for spending summer holidays in the hottest heat of Jaipur. In fact, well-furnished arrangements for spending the night with a barbeque are also provided at this water park. Most people even stay here to enjoy their weekends with the thriller DJ nights as well.

jaipur,water parks to visit in jaipur,water parks

# Apano Waterpark

Apno Waterpark is the best destination to enjoy your summers in Jaipur. This is one of the popular water parks in Jaipur that is well-known for its perfect mixture of fun and chilling amenities. Across many diverse water rides and pools of this water park in Jaipur, you’ll never feel bored or sluggish. In fact for the event geeks, there are numerous traditional programs organized to entertain all ages. Whereas the background view of sunset enlightens this place more adorably. Such a place suits best for couples, or those who are looking for a place to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

jaipur,water parks to visit in jaipur,water parks

# Fun Gaon Water Park

Fun Gaon Water park is the complete power-packed destination for chilling at the pools or lying in the sun while the soothing cold water sprinklers splash your skin incessantly. Rides of this incredible water park of Jaipur leave no complaint in terms of adventure and fun. Such a water park is like your sweet guardian who lovingly pampers you & makes sure you stay one more day. Don’t worry family adults! there are amazing children’s rides that are thoughtfully designed to provide maximum fun at this water park in Jaipur.

jaipur,water parks to visit in jaipur,water parks

# The South Aqua Park

The South Aqua Park in Jaipur is best- suited for the youngest members of the family. There is a diverse range of pools to choose from for your swimming. South Aqua Park is the perfect destination for beginners who are looking for a safe water pool to start their swimming adventures. Whereas they also provide regulated food menus which are meticulously prepared according to children’s diets excluding the heavy inclusion of spices.

jaipur,water parks to visit in jaipur,water parks

# Sun Shine Resort and Water Park

SunShine Resort & Water Park is the best summer holiday hotspot in Jaipur. This is one of the must-visit water parks in Jaipur that you must not miss. Since it is situated among the Aravalli hills it is immensely scenic & photogenic in nature. Apart from surreal natural beauty, it is among the best theme parks offering incredible rides in the entire state. Some of the fun rides for children such as a rain dance section for the whole family and plush hotel rooms to stay the night are just eternal bliss in the ground. Whereas, the party animals can enjoy all night at their personalized party zones where you can host all kinds of parties without any discomfort.

jaipur,water parks to visit in jaipur,water parks

# Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar is the most-visited water park in Jaipur that a lot of visitors explore due to its golden legacy of exhilarating memories. Appu Ghar’s amusement park is the top attraction of this place during summers. The visitors always leave the place with a content heart and full of adventurous memories. You can make the most of the professional water rides, the exciting rain dances, and the wave pools provided here with utmost care and fun.

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