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6 Breathtaking Beautiful Places To Visit In Kashmir

By: Neha Thu, 19 Jan 2023 09:26:17

6 Breathtaking Beautiful Places To Visit in Kashmir

If you want to see paradise on earth, then head straight for the valleys of the beautiful Kashmir. The stunning landscapes and beautiful locales make Kashmir a favourite destination for many travellers. Besides the splendid beauty of this stunningly gorgeous region, there are various reasons people from all over the world head to Kashmir.

Make a place for this romantic destination on your travel bucket list, you won’t regret spending time here, we promise you that!

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# Srinagar

A visit to Kashmir commences with the eye-striking Srinagar. Located on the banks of the scenic and picturesque Jhelum, this Heaven-on-Earth is what the name suggests- “Heaven”! Plan a trip here any time between June to October for the ochre hues to shine through. If you want to experience the sub-zero chilly winds and the winter snow then December to January are the ideal months for you.

breathtaking beautiful places to visit in kashmir,holiday,travel,tourism

# Sonmarg

Sonmarg is an exceptionally beautiful place in Kashmir that lights up in all the hues of gold and yellow, and this is why it is also called the “Meadow of gold”. Adventure seekers and nature lovers head to the region to catch a glimpse of the beautiful flowers and adventurous activities. It’s a pleasure to trudge along the trekking routes to catch a glimpse of a fabulous scenic view and indulge in adventure sports.

Organizers here encourage travelers to participate in nature walks, camping, and trekking to give them an experience of a lifetime. The beauty of this region leaves you speechless. If you want to enjoy Sonmarg at its best, then plan your visit for the month of June-October.

breathtaking beautiful places to visit in kashmir,holiday,travel,tourism

# Gulmarg

As Sonmarg is the land of gold, Gulmarg is the meadow of flowers in Kashmir. Brightly colored colors spread fragrance all around. The place is a treat to visit because the white snow mountains radiate the beauty of the colorful flowers. Book a gondola ride and get a close view of the spectacular valley.

Hurry and try to pick the early morning gondola or you may have to wait a couple of hours before you can get one. The rush keeps increasing as the day progresses. Nearly 6 people can squeeze in comfortably in the Gandola. The gondola stops for a while midway providing a fabulous view of the valley and the snow-covered mountains.

breathtaking beautiful places to visit in kashmir,holiday,travel,tourism

# Kupwara

Kupwara is known for the Bangus and Lolab valleys which are the highlights of Kashmir. Gather your family and plan a holiday here from April to October if you want to wallow in natural splendor. The guzzling sound of the water rushing nearby adds music to the atmosphere, and the lush green meadows are a balm to the sore tired eyes.

If you stare up at the vastness of the mountains to get a glimpse of the natural beauty, you will realize how breathtakingly gorgeous the area is. Also, people visiting here include a trip to Qamar Reshi Sahib’s shrine.

breathtaking beautiful places to visit in kashmir,holiday,travel,tourism

# Pahalgam

Pahalgam is “serenity” at its best. This peaceful and quaint town helps the visitors de-stress. Have you heard about the Overa Aru Wildlife sanctuary here? Well, if you want to see a brown bear or a musk deer, then head straight here.

The name Pahalgam is closely associated with the religious “Amarnath pilgrimage or Amarnath Yatra”. The serene place offers a beautiful sight of the forest. Furthermore, the Sheshnaag Lake and the Tulian Lake see visitors plenty. You can’t miss any of these places. Plan your Pahalgam trip between June and October.

breathtaking beautiful places to visit in kashmir,holiday,travel,tourism

# Kargil

You don’t have to associate Kargil only with the “Tiger’s Peak” and some unpleasant altercations. Besides a historical reference and bittersweet memories, Kargil is one of the most beautiful parts of Kashmir, and it offers the best view of the valley. In reality, this picturesque place is magnificent during March and June, though it radiates beauty throughout the year.

When visiting here, include Wakha Rgyal, Shergol, Urgyan Dzong, and Mulbek Gompa in your agenda. In about 5 hours, you can reach Kargil by road. The Nun mountains and Suru Valley are the favorite adventurous escapades of mountaineers.

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