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6 Festivals You Must Witness Of Uttarakhand

By: Kratika Fri, 08 Apr 2022 2:36:41

6 Festivals You Must Witness of Uttarakhand

‘DevBhoomi’- Uttarakhand is a place carrying the majestic power of nature. The holy city calls people to live the exquisite beauty of the state and dwell in the lifestyle of Utttrakhandis for a while. To enhance the magnificent beauty of the state, the Himalayas, holy temples, and the beliefs of the people are related to it. The people here celebrate many festivals of their own with great enthusiasm and vigor.

If you are ever planning to visit here, make sure you take part in witnessing one of the festivals of the Uttarakhand.

uttarakhand,festivals of uttarakhand

# The Grand Kumbh Mela, Haridwar

Kumbh Mela is an auspicious festival of Uttarakhand taking place every 12 years in the four cities of Prayagraj, Ujjain, Nasik, and Haridwar. Haridwar lies in the state of Uttrakhand. The Kumbh Mela is a religious fair that is celebrated on the banks of the river Ganga at Har ki Pauri Ghat. The mythological tale behind this festival is that Lord Vishnu while transporting the Amrit (elixir) to a safe place, four drops fell at four places where Kumbh Mela is now celebrated. A huge gathering takes place in the city during the Kumbh Mela. An Ardh Kumbh (a small part of the Mela) is held every six years. Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh both happen during the end of the year or the beginning of the new year.

uttarakhand,festivals of uttarakhand

# Bhitauli and Harela

Harela is an Uttarakhandi festival that is celebrated mostly by the people of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The festival marks the beginning of the monsoon season. It is celebrated during the month of Shravana, i.e., Shravan maas in July-August. The celebration of the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati takes place during Harela. People prepare small idols of Hindu Gods and pay offerings to them. Another festival that falls just before Harela is Bhitauli. It is celebrated in the month of Chaitra.

During the festival, women of the place sow different seeds in the soil and real the harvest which is called harela. This provides them an idea of the quality of the seeds. In this festivals, the brothers also give gifts to their sisters.

uttarakhand,festivals of uttarakhand

# Kale Kauva or Ghughutia

Kale Kauva also goes by the name Ghughutia and is widely celebrated among the people of Uttarakhand. It is celebrated during the time of Makar Sankranti. This festival of Uttarakhand has one of the sweetest traditions. During this festival sweets are made from flour in various shapes like knives, swords, etc. and are fed to the crows and migratory birds. This is done to celebrate their coming and in the hope that they will come next year as well. The children call and attract birds by singing songs.

uttarakhand,festivals of uttarakhand

# Phool Dei

Phool Dei is celebrated to cherish the harvest and to celebrate the coming of the spring season. Celebrated on the first day of Chaitra Maas (March- April), it is also known as the harvest festival.

After the flowers blossom, the locals make pudding which is called dei made of jaggery, curd, and flour. This dish holds significant value in the festival. During this festival of Uttarakhand, little girls roam around the locality singing the folk song ‘Phool Dei’ and offer jaggery and coconut. The locals believe that the young girls bless people’s homes by putting rice and flowers on the doorsteps. Sweets and blessings are given to the girls in return for their act.

uttarakhand,festivals of uttarakhand

# Kandali festival

This auspicious festival of Uttarakhand is celebrated by the Rung tribe that is found in the Chaundans valley of Pithoragarh district, Kumaon. This festival celebrates the blooming of a flower called Kandali which blooms only once in 12 years. Few interesting tales are associated with the celebration of this festival. Women defended the Kumaon region against the soldiers of the Zorawar Singh Army in 1841, who tried to loot the villages by hiding in the Kandali shrub. The shrub was destroyed during this process of defense. Another story that goes by is that a woman cursed the plant and ordered to rip it when it reached its full potential because his son died by applying the Kandali plant on his wound.

This week-long Uttarakhandi festival is celebrated with great vigor. The locals worship the idols of Lord Shiva made from barley and buckwheat. A puja, a ceremonial feast, and the raising of the flag are followed by the worshipping of the idol. The locals then move to attack the shrub of Kandali.

uttarakhand,festivals of uttarakhand

# Ganga Dusshera

Ganga Dusshera is also known as Dasar to celebrate the advent of the Ganga River from the heaven above. This ten-day long Uttarakhandi festival falls on the tenth day i.e. Dashmi of the month of Jyeshtha month. It is observed on the ghats of Ganga in Allahabad, Rishikesh, and Haridwar. Ganga River holds a very special place in the hearts of the Hindus, so this festival is very much famous among the people.

Huge flocks of devotees take a dip in the holy waters of Ganga to purify themselves of their sins. Kakdi, watermelons, and flowers are offered to the river.

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