6 Must Try Water Sports In Singapore

By: Neha Mon, 12 Dec 2022 10:39:07

6 Must Try Water Sports in Singapore

Being a small country Singapore still offers plenty of experiences to its travellers, making it one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the Southeast Asian Market. Singapore is an amalgamation of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, theme parks, light-hearted safaris, music concerts and live shows, and even food and shopping. But being an island in itself, it offers amazing water activities experiences as well. Let’s have a look at the top 6 water sports in Singapore you should try on your next trip.

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# Kayaking

Kayaking can be tried by people belonging to different age groups. There are no strong water currents and steep slope streams, making it safe.

In Singapore’s serene and calm waters, Kayaking can be one of the best water sports for families with people of different age groups.

Pulau Ubin, Ola Beach House, Macritchie Reservoir, Paris Ris park are few regions to try kayaking in Singapore.

must try water sports in singapore,holiday,travel,tourism

# Jet Skiing

If you are an adrenaline junkie and ever dreamed of spinning in the water in high powered vehicles, Singapore is the place you should be in. You can rent the jet ski for an hour or three depending on your convenience and the time available at hand. You will also be provided with a seafood meal and photo memento depending on the package you choose.

Singapore has a couple of places in Sentosa island where one can try jet skiing, JETSKI Safari is one of the popular and preferred operators.

must try water sports in singapore,holiday,travel,tourism

# WakeBoarding

Wakeboarding is similar to surfing. In surfing, you have to maneuver your surfboard using the flow of water and intensity of water tides, but in Wakeboarding, you will be powered by high-speed motorboats. Watersports center in Singapore caters wakeboarding to all levels of adrenaline junkies from beginners to experts.

must try water sports in singapore,holiday,travel,tourism

# Flyboarding

Want to hover over Sentosa beaches and try some flips mid-air? Grab a ride and head over to Ola beach Club in Sentosa island and experience Flyboarding. Enjoy the amazing views of the Sentosa island while you are propelled over the surface of the water by Hydroflighting devices. this adrenaline-pumping sport happens in the presence of certified instructors, so if you are a first-timer your only obligation is to enjoy the sport without worrying about the safety.

must try water sports in singapore,holiday,travel,tourism

# Pedal Boating

Pedal boating is one of the few activities which is comfortable for people belonging to all age brackets. You can enjoy a calm ride on the lake or enjoy a sunset with your family or loved ones while you pedal through the calm waters. They are multiple operators offering this sport across Sentosa island.

must try water sports in singapore,holiday,travel,tourism

# Sailing

Want to be a bit ostentatious by showing off your sailing skills with Marina Bay Sands in the backdrop? Then head out to the central business district located in the heart of the city. This activity is for people who have prior experience of sailing. If you do, then you try your hands at SB20 and Swedish Match 40, SB20 is used for racing purpose while SM40 is open for public.

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