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6 Must Visit Tourist Attraction In Finland

By: Kratika Fri, 27 Jan 2023 4:39:53

6 Must Visit Tourist Attraction in Finland

Finland is the northern European country and lies east of Sweden. The population of Finland is 5.518 million. The four countries Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, form Scandinavia. Major highways connect all these four countries. Denmark shares the border with Germany near Hamburg. Tourists can drive to Germany and then proceed to either Estonia or Sweden using highways. Several Ferries travel between Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as Helsinki and Tallinn, Estonia.

Thus, one can drive from western and southern Europe to Stockholm, Sweden, or Tallinn Estonia and then take a ferry to Helsinki. Most tourists prefer to travel from Europe to Estonia. The tourist, while driving to Helsinki, can take a break and see several attractive places in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The distance of traveling from Berlin, Germany to Helsinki is 1,600 km or 1,000 miles, and distance can be cover by 24 hours driving.

6 must visit tourist attraction in finland,travel,tourism

# Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital town of Finland. The population of Helsinki is 631,695. Helsinki is the most favored airport for airlines that travels from Northern America to northern Asian countries. Every year 19 million passengers arrive and depart from Helsinki airport. The majority of these passengers are international travelers who are arriving at Helsinki airport. Over 4 million visitors spend more than two days in Finland. Most tourists come from Russia, Western Europe, Japan, China, and the USA. Helsinki is the most popular place for Russians, Estonians and Latvians.

6 must visit tourist attraction in finland,travel,tourism

# Tempere

Tempere is the third-largest city in Finland. The town lies between two lakes that are Näsijärvi, to the north, and Pyhäjärvi, to the south. Tempere was the industrial town in the late 17th and 18th centuries. Most tourists come to Tempere to see Vapriikki Museum and Tampere Cathedral. The museum hosts unusual paintings.

The Kaleva Church is also one of the places European visits in large numbers. The fish shaped Kaleva church was built from concrete in 1960. Tourists who visit Tempere also like to see the Orthodox Church of Saint Alexander Nevsky and Saint Nicholas made of bricks and majestic interior decoration. Lars Sonck designed Te Tempere Cathedral. The construction began in 1902 and finished in 1907. The Lutheran church of Tempere is known for its frescoes, painted by the symbolist Hugo Simberg between 1905 and 1906.

# Aland Archipelago

Archipelago means a group of islands. Aland Archipelago consists of a few large islands and around 1000 small islands. These groups of Aland Archipelago islands lie in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and the southern section of Finland. Most residents of this autonomous Finnish island speak predominantly Swedish. Sweden surrendered the Aland Archipelago to Russian in 1809. The islands are occupied by 27,500 people.

The majority of people, about 11,000 live in the main town known as Mariehamn. The primary industry of the islands is fishing and shipping. Most tourists to Finland come to the island to enjoy the vibrant sound of the sea, to see natural coastal beauty and wonderful landscape. The places to see on the island are Maritime Museum, the Museum Ship Pommern, and the Maritime Quarter. Tourists can experience the example of island farm as of 1890 at Karlsgården open-air museum in Kastelholm.

6 must visit tourist attraction in finland,travel,tourism

# Kemi

Kemi is a northernmost coastal city to the Baltic Sea. The town is about 950 km from Helsinki. It takes 14 hours of drive to reach Kemi from Helsinki. Kemi is one of the town tourists pick to see the northern light. Kemi is known for its pulp mills. Travelers come to Kemi to see and spend time at the iconic snow castle that is rebuilt every year. Some of the three stories castles are used as a banquet hall to host weddings and other parties.

One of the attractions for travel to Finland is a winter tour of the Baltic sea in Sampo Icebreaker Giant Boat. The tour takes passengers around the Baltic sea to see glaciers and icebergs. The Gothic style, Lutheran Church, is a place to spend some time acknowledging the construction of a church in such a difficult place.

6 must visit tourist attraction in finland,travel,tourism

# Finnish Lakeland

Finland has 187,800 freshwater lakes. The 55,000 lakes are wider than 200 meters. The abundant supply of fresh water around the forest helps to keep the trees green. Most of the lakes are formed following the melting of glaciers. Most of the area known as Lakeland occupies the central and eastern province of Finland. The cities located in the area known as Lakeland are Lappeenranta, Imatra, Joens, Varkaus, Savonlinna, Kuopioand Mikkeli.

25% of the land around these towns are lakes and filled with fresh water. The largest lake is Lake Saimma. The driving distance from Helsinki to Lake Saimma is 359 km, and tourists should expect 4.5 hours of driving time. Visitors to this place in Finland often prefer to stay at a town called Mikkeli and take a day trip to nearby lakes. The distance from Mikkeli town to lake Saimma is 150 km and may take 2.5 hours of drive.

6 must visit tourist attraction in finland,travel,tourism

# Turku Castle

The small town of Turku is about 170 km from Helsinki in Finland, and it takes 2 hours of drive to reach Turku from Helsinki. Turku is west of Helsinki and the second-largest southern town after Helsinki. The history suggests Swedish Viking arrived in Turku in the 12th century. Visitors to Finland come to Turku to see the traditional medieval village. Most tourists in Finland either stay at Turku or take a day trip from Helsinki. Visitors often are amazed to see a mix of magnificent buildings of modern architecture as well as medieval construction, such as the Sibelius Museum.

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