6 Must Visit Museums To Visit In India

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6 Must Visit Museums To Visit in India

Would you like to travel back in time? No, we are not talking about time travel. We are talking about museums. India boasts of a rich and majestic past. Be it the Mughal era, or our struggle against the colonial rule, or the golden eras before that, each annals of history has a beautiful story to say. And what better place to explore these stories other than the museums!

India has uncountable museums spread across its cities. In fact, you are sure to find at least one museum in every major Indian city. While it may not be possible to visit every museum in India, as a history buff, you can definitely try to visit the best among them.

Wondering which of the museums are actually worth your time? Think no more. We already have the entire list prepared for you. Join us as we explore the major museums of India that one cannot afford to miss out:

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# Indian Museum, Kolkata

One of the oldest museums of our country, the Indian Museum tops the list just by its sheer size. It is the largest museum of our country consisting of six separate sections. Antiques, manuscripts, armors, mummies, skeletons all find a place in this large museum. For those who are interested in subjects such as anthropology and natural history, the museum holds many rare specimens that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

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# National Museum, New Delhi

Established on 15th August, 1949, the National Museum itself has a very fascinating history. The idea of the museum was born out of an exhibition of historical artifacts of India that was held in London and Delhi around 1948. The response to this exhibition was so overwhelming that an arrangement of more permanent sort was made in the form of this museum. The Indian museum today exhibits more two lakh objects of various interests collected from India and abroad.

must visit museums to visit in india,holidays,travel,tourism

# Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Once meant to be a concert hall, the Albert hall derives its name from the Victoria and Albert Museum of London owing to the striking similarity in the architectural features of the two places. The building was also in use as a town hall for some time. Later, on the suggestion of the Maharaja, local artifacts and handicrafts began to be showcased in the museum. Today the museum holds metal figurines, armors, pieces of pottery, paintings, marble art and so much more.

must visit museums to visit in india,holidays,travel,tourism

# Archaeological Museum In Lothal, Ahmedabad

For any history buff, the names Indus Valley and Harappa Civilization creates an immediate sense of excitement in the heart. The Lothal Archeological Museum or Site was a part of this chain of discoveries. With several kinds of artifacts strewn across the place, it is supposed that the location was an industrial site in the past. It is indeed one of the most interesting museums of history in the country.

When in Lothal, you must definitely not miss out the ancient dockyard in the city.

must visit museums to visit in india,holidays,travel,tourism

# Museum In Nagarjunakonda, Andhra Pradesh

Do you love to try out the unusual? Then the Nagarjunakonda Museum is the ideal place for you. Located on a small island atop the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, reaching the museum itself is an interesting experience. You will have to take a boat ride through the serene water to reach this picturesque island.

The collection of this museum is an interesting intertwining of facts and fiction. Legends say that this site was extremely significant for the growth of Buddhism. Corroborating to those legends, the museum holds collections that reflect the life of Buddha and the lifestyle of the Buddhists. Tales from the life of Buddha and the Jataka are depicted through various mediums such as paintings and pottery. You will be able to appreciate this museum better if you have a brief idea about the life of Buddha and Buddhism in general.

must visit museums to visit in india,holidays,travel,tourism

# Government Museum, Chennai

The second oldest museum of the country, the Chennai Government Museum is home to the largest collection of Roman antiques outside Europe. Recollecting the tale of the bygone era, it not just tells you story through artifacts alone. If you are looking for a museum of art, this place is definitely going to impress you with its large and thriving collection of ancient paintings of renowned artists from across the continent. When you are in this museum, you definitely cannot afford to miss the works of Raja Ravi Varma that are exhibited here.

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