6 Street Food You Must Try In Vietnam

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6 Street Food You Must Try in Vietnam

One cannot disagree with this- The essence of a country’s food tradition isn’t always located in pricey restaurants and fancy 5-star resorts, it truly exists in the roadside stalls and cheap street food joints.

Vietnamese street foods are born from a combination of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, French colonial rule, and cultural exchanges with the neighbouring countries of Laos and China. It is rich in culture and has a huge diversity. Lining the streets you can find local markets, rustic food joints, and rickety food carts with delicious local food. Let’s discover more about the street food in Vietnam.

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# Vietnamese sandwich

When it comes to street food in Vietnam, the most obvious choice would be the Vietnamese sandwich, Bánh mì. It is a Viet-style French baguette sandwich which has its global reputation. This crunchy baguette is packed with pickled vegetables, coriander, fresh chilli, cuts of meat – typically pork – and smeared with a coat of pâté. Other toppings can be egg, chicken, meatballs, and more as per your choice. One can easily grab one of these in the streets of Vietnam!

street food you must try in vietnam,holiday,travel,tourism

# Rice noodle soup

The most famous and obvious choice of street food in Vietnam would be the Vietnamese noodle soup, phở. This daily staple is made up of chewy rice noodles in piping hot sauces with tender slices of beef or chicken and topped with crunchy, spicy, herby garnishes.

Definitely, nothing beats a good bowl of heartwarming rice noodle soup to start your day in the streets of Vietnam. Visiting the Top Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City along with phở is highly recommended.

street food you must try in vietnam,holiday,travel,tourism

# Hoi An Noodles

Cao lầu is a noodle dish that is exclusive to Hoi An only and has quite a backstory. This native Hoi An dish consists of udon-like noodles, pieces of barbecued pork, fresh and crisp lettuce, and crunchy croutons.

Cao lầu is found specifically in Hoi An because of its unique noodles which have to be made using water from an ancient well, the Ba Le well, and mixed with special ash native to Hoi An. It’s also believed that the secret behind the precise recipe is known to only a few families in this region!

street food you must try in vietnam,holiday,travel,tourism

# Vietnamese sweet dessert

Chè, as the word itself describes, is a sweet dessert beverage in Vietnam, comes in many different forms, sizes, flavours, and colours! More often than not, you can find them in a form of pudding, drinks or soup.

The usual ingredients that you can find in chè include coconut milk, sweetened beans, glutinous rice, colourful jellies, fruits, and more. Easily found in the streets of local markets, these desserts are a great craving on hot afternoon days.

street food you must try in vietnam,holiday,travel,tourism

# Rice paper salad

For those craving for some healthy street food – Bánh tráng trộn is THE DISH to try out. Its an explosion of flavours in a bite and a healthy snack. It’s prepared with strips of rice paper, varieties of dried protein beef jerky, squid, shrimp and tart green mango, fresh mint, sweet basil, and lastly, it’s signature spicy, sweet, sour dressing.

street food you must try in vietnam,holiday,travel,tourism

# Vietnamese pizza

I can barely imagine a world where someone doesn’t like a pizza! A popular snack in Ho Chi Minh City, this Vietnamese pizza is made up of a rice paper grilled on the barbeque and topped with minced pork, chicken, egg, or other toppings as per your choice. Additionally garnished with fresh herbs and served with mayo, tamarind or chilli sauce, this pizza is surely something you’ll crave in the middle of the night.

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