6 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Wales

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6 Tourist Attractions To Visit in Wales

When you think of lush green forests and extravagant gastronomy, the first pictures of Europe are sure to cross your mind. For a tinge of history and a range of serene cruises… already imagining a movie? Well, look no further and choose Wales as your destination. World renowned United Kingdom is home to the beautiful city of Wales.

The Welsh hotspot is home to almost 4.8% of the UK population and witnesses extravagant celebrations during various festivals. When compared to other European locations, Wales has a slightly better climatic condition ranging from 20 degree celsius during the summer seasons and around 6 degree celsius as winter sets in. Let’s take a stroll through paradise as we embark on the journey of exploring the best places to visit in Wales.

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# Pembrokeshirefor the beach bums

If you are someone who enjoys balmy waves and beach weather, the Pembrokeshire coast is the best place to be in. The crystal clear waters will prove to be the perfect spot for indulging in swimming. This is also a well-known surfer’s paradise and will be the best place to show of your surfing skills! If you love the sun, a nice round of sunbathing while lying down on the white sand will be your best bet. So go ahead and enjoy a much needed break at the beautiful beaches of Pembrokeshire.

tourist attractions to visit in wales,holiday,travel,tourism

# Gastronomy is the way to go!

Who doesn’t like food? Whenever you plan a vacation, the one aspect you look forward to would be the cuisine in that particular place. You will be glad to know that Wales has a budding food circle where you can look forward to a variety of gastronomy. Be it starters, main course, or dessert, Wales ensures that your taste buds are fully satisfied. Hop along into a local cafe or a famous restaurant and discover new flavours which will remain with you for a lifetime.

tourist attractions to visit in wales,holiday,travel,tourism

# Get photo ready at Cardiff Bay

A large part of European holidays are lined with a number of cruises. Cardiff, which is roughly a two hour drive away from Wales has a special line of cruises. You will come across the important hotspots of the city and get to understand the culture in detail, during the cruise. Buildings of political importance and structures depicting the history of the country, will also meet your eye. Make sure you indulge in at least one cruise experience during your UK vacation, as it is surely going to be the best bet for some Instagram-worthy pictures.

tourist attractions to visit in wales,holiday,travel,tourism

# Enjoy family time at Betws-y-Coed

Would you like to be in a time machine for a day? Well, Betws-y-Coed is one such place which will make you delve in nostalgia. The quaint little cottages lined up along the old streets is sure to remind you of movies from yesteryear. The best part about visiting this place is that you will get to experience the local culture of the Wales population. You can embark on a shopping spree of souvenirs at the markets and also spend some time listening to fascinating folklore from the natives. Not to mention the street food, which is an unmissable aspect when you visit Wales!

tourist attractions to visit in wales,holiday,travel,tourism

# A taste of history at Wye Valley

When you are going on a vacation, wouldn’t it be nice to do something offbeat? On that note, how can you visit Wales and not have a tryst with history? Wye Valley is one such spot where you will get to witness the past life of King Henry V. Not only will you get to listen to folklore from the local population, but also get an insight into the erstwhile king’s hunting expeditions. Yes, you read that right! Forest of Dean located in the Wye Valley is the very forest where the king used to go on hunting sprees. An interesting part about this spot is that it is located in between Europe and Wales. You will get the best of both worlds and a tinge of untouched history.

tourist attractions to visit in wales,holiday,travel,tourism

# Hop onto the Conwy Valley Railway Museum

If you are travelling to the UK with your kids, visiting the Conwy Valley Railway Museum is a worthwhile experience. From getting to know more about the history of how trains were manufactured and railways operated, this will be a fun-filled day for your tiny tots. The highlight of this particular place is the fact that you will be able to ride certain trains on your own to get the authentic experience. An offbeat place like this is rare to find, but guess what! Wales is one of a kind and the quaint little place leaves no stone unturned to prove that point to you.

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