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7 Amazing Places To Visit In Spring In India

By: Neha Tue, 13 Dec 2022 6:34:42

7 Amazing Places To Visit in Spring in India

One of the most attractive seasons to travel, especially in a hot and humid country such as India is spring. After the spell of the dry and dead winter, nature wakes up in all its beauty. Added to that the mild weather and clear skies set the perfect tone for a perfect vacation.

As a city dweller, one often misses out on those various natural attractions that usher in the Spring season. That is why, if you are travelling especially to enjoy this season, places close to nature are highly recommended.

Wondering where you can get the best of the season? Well, we have got you sorted. Go through our list of amazing places to visit in spring in India and pick out the one that you like best:

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# Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh

A small village perched on the Himalayas, Kotgarh is all that you imagine when you hear the word idyllic. Though Kotgrah is only 82 km away from Shimla, it has always remained among the lesser-known tourist destinations of Himachal. And as is often the case with less frequented places, nature here is still found to be in its pure and untainted form.

The views of the Sutlej River along with the ruins of ancient temples are some of the attractive places here.

amazing places to visit in spring in india,holiday,travel,tourism

# Thekkady, Kerala

If you are exhausted from the monotony of city life and are looking for an escape amidst nature, then Thekkady is the ideal place for you. Located in God’s own country, Thekkady is all that a nature lover could ever ask for. With Nilgiri tahrs dancing by streams and freshly brewed coffee to refresh you, it is more of an idyllic retreat that you all yearn for.

amazing places to visit in spring in india,holiday,travel,tourism

# Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand

If open meadows are what appeals to your heart, then this pick among places to visit in the spring season in India is definitely going to appeal to you. Situated at a height of about 4,000 meters, Bugyal is a rolling alpine pasture with towering mountains on all sides. More popular as a trek route, Bugyal usually opens its arms to tourists during the spring season.

After the months covered in snow, the best of the place is true to be enjoyed during spring. No wonder, this is considered the best time to visit this gem among the Himalayas.

amazing places to visit in spring in india,holiday,travel,tourism

# Imphal, Manipur

Known for its unparallel natural beauty, Imphal has always been a major attraction among the north-eastern hills. From floating lakes to exotic flowers, there is so much beauty in this one place that appeals to all your senses. Manipur and Imphal in particular is also a cultural melting pot. Enjoy the great local music and taste the authentic cuisine to get a real feel of the place.

You may be interested to know that Manipur literally means “the jewelled town”. And true to its name, it does shine like a jewel among the hills.

amazing places to visit in spring in india,holiday,travel,tourism

# Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

A region marked for its rich flora and fauna along with unbounded natural beauty is the Eastern Ghats. Nestled amidst these rolling mountains, Araku valley is situated in the northeastern corner of Andhra Pradesh. Many people even refer to the valley as the Ooty of the Andhra region. Enjoy the scenic coffee plantations; explore uncountable rills and waterfalls at unexpected corners, and do immerse yourself in the rich tribal culture of the place.

amazing places to visit in spring in india,holiday,travel,tourism

# Matheran, Maharashtra

Who would imagine that merely 94 km away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai lies a hill station, marked for its pristine views and the calm environment? We are referring to Matheran. Outshined by popular places such as Lonavla, Matheran holds on to its charm of the erstwhile era.

You may be surprised to know that it is in fact the only automobile free hill station in India. So how do you reach your destination? Simple, you take a 2 km walk or ride up in style seated on a pony.

amazing places to visit in spring in india,holiday,travel,tourism

# Mount Abu, Rajasthan

A list of the scenic places to visit during spring in India is never complete without the mention of this favourite hill station in the western frontiers. Yes, it is none other than Mount Abu. Among the rugged relief of the surrounding areas, Mout Abu rises dressed in its attire of green forests and lush grasslands.

Even the rulers who reigned in this region often came up to Mount Abu for a breath of relief from the stifling heat of the surrounding deserts. It comes as no surprise that Mount Abu is often referred to as an oasis amidst the desert.

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