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7 Things That Might Get You In Trouble In Dubai

By: Shweta Mon, 15 June 2020 3:21:49

7 Things That Might Get You in Trouble in Dubai

Dubai is probably one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world. It is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world. From its amazing skyscrapers, to its world class cuisine, to gorgeous sandy beaches and shopping centres that can measure up to the best of them, Dubai isn’t going to become any less popular in the years to come.

While most of the records are all about the things to do in the ‘City of Gold’, let’s not forget that despite being ultra-modern, Dubai is still one of the places where tradition and rules are held dear.

Here is a list of things which you should not do while you are in Dubai:

* Don’t dress inappropriately

Dubai may be home to some of the most fashionable and expensive stores on the planet and people dress like it too, but they are also quite strict when it comes to just how skimpy or suggestive your attire may be. If you get the chance to visit Dubai, make sure that you aren’t too scantily dressed nor should you wear anything too tight or show off too much skin. Not only will you get nasty looks, but you can actually get fined if the police think that what you’re wearing is inappropriate.

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* Don’t curse in public

Dubai is a highly conservative country, and has always been, just like many of its other UAE counterparts. Cursing, especially in public, is not allowed, more so if it is aimed at someone who is from there. Any form of profanity or unsuitable language can land you in jail and is actually punishable by law.

* Don’t indulge in PDA

PDA, otherwise known as public displays of affection, are when a couple chooses to be affectionate with one another by holding hands, hugging and kissing their significant other when in public. In Dubai, don’t show too much PDA, especially any that can be considered grotesquely inappropriate, or you might find yourself being fined or worse, placed behind bars.

* Don’t eat in public during the time of Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month on the Islamic calendar which is celebrated on their ninth month, and is highly respected. Muslims take this season very seriously, and even fast from sun up to sun down the entire time. Even if you do not happen to be Muslim, you still should not eat during the time of Ramadan when in public, as assign of respect.

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* Don’t smoke in public

It’s not surprising that you are not allowed to smoke in public, or any other non-smoking areas either. Of course, most of the areas that allow smoking are normally your personal homes or your car, but other than that, you will find it hard to look for a place that allows you to light one up so be sure to double check which ones are designated smoking areas before lighting one up.

* Don’t take photos without permission

In Dubai, don’t ever take a photo without first asking if its okay, more so if they include women and children. If you must take a picture, be sure to ask permission first.

* Don’t point your soles at someone

Because the feet are associated with the ground and the ground is considered very dirty being the lowest area, you should never point your soles at another person because of the dirt that covers your shoes, especially if that person is Muslim. They consider this very rude. Make sure that you are aware of where your feet are pointed at all times and never point them at anyone.

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