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Valentines Special- 5 Most Romantic Getaways In Winters

By: Pinki Mon, 12 Feb 2018 4:06:58

Valentines Special- 5 Most Romantic Getaways in Winters

Winter is the season of romance: candlelit dinners, fireside cuddles, evening strolls beneath street lamps as snow dusts your sleeves. How better to entice your loved one than with a magical getaway to a winter wonderland? Our favorites span the planet from the Rockies to the Arctic Circle, each home to its own frosty form of allure. So grab your partner for a trip to one (or more) of the following 5 destinations—because the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is even better there.

* Copenhagen, Denmark

We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark one blustery December afternoon. We had high expectations of fairytale castles dusted with snow, Christmas Markets filled with good cheer, and random carolers stumbling around drunk off of pudding or whatever like a scene from a Dickens novel.

* New York City

New York City is perhaps one of the most cliche romantic winter destinations, but there are many good reasons why! The Big Apple embraces the holiday spirit with decorations, markets, festivals, and countless romantic things to do.

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* Srinagar, India

Kashmir is known as ‘heaven on earth’ and probably ‘switzerland of India’ and its capital Srinagar is no exception. Srinagar offers incredible panoramic views with snow clad mountains everywhere you go. You can visit Srinagar during any season; it filled with flowers, jucious apple orchards, walnut trees in spring and snow in winter, it can provide much to be excited about for couples. It has been the honeymoon destination since decades.

* Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is an unquestionably beautiful city. Its graceful buildings fan out across 14 islands, yet the Swedish capital is surprisingly easy to get around. During winter, when the streets glitter with frost and sunlight is in short supply, Stockholm transforms into a romantic wonderland. Kungsträdgården, an ice rink in the heart of the city, is the place to go for skating under the stars.

* Edinburgh, Scotland

As a Scot, you might think I’m biased for thinking Edinburgh is the most romantic winter city in the world. I mean, for starters, the capital barely ever gets snow so surely there must be a better candidate?

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