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Valentines Special- 5 Most Romantic Restro To Visit In The World

By: Sandeep Thu, 08 Feb 2018 12:52:35

Valentines Special- 5 Most Romantic Restro To Visit in The World

Sharing a wonderful meal with a loved one can be a truly incredible experience. It’s even better when the restaurant happens to be one of the most romantic venues in the world. Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone or on holiday, visiting any one of the following places is sure to create a lasting memory.

* Clos Maggiore

Located in the lively city of London, Clos Maggiore is often called London’s most romantic restaurant, and it’s easy to see why. The beautiful, warm and inviting interior will make you forget all about the bustle of the city and transport you to the French countryside. Couples can dine in the lovely conservatory, strewn with apple blossoms and featuring a retractable glass roof, allowing guests to sit beneath the stars.

* Geja’s Café

The most romantic restaurant in Chicago, Geja’s Cafe has been serving guests for decades — since 1965 to be exact. An intimate interior decorated with rich, warm colors, heavy drapery and candlelit dining spaces give this restaurant a cozy ambiance, perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Specializing in fondue, Geja’s offers an intimate dining experience enhanced even further with their classical guitar music soundtrack.

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* Kanoun Restaurant at Kasbah Tamadot

Owned by business magnate Richard Branson, Kasbah Tamadot is a beautiful hotel nestled in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It holds a lovely romantic restaurant with excellent service, situated in an oasis with verdant landscaping. Offering expansive panoramic views that will take your breath away, Kanoun Restaurant serves local and international meals in a variety of spots around the hotel, including poolside, on the rooftop or somewhere private — perfect for lovebirds.

* Le Reminet

One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris also has an abundance of restaurants sure to provide a memorable evening. One such establishment is the charming Le Reminet, located on the Île de Cité. A lovely, softly lit space awaits guests looking to add a bit of spark to their dining experience. For an extra dose of romance, be sure to dine in the vaulted dining room located in the basement; it’s a cozy space perfect for enjoying an intimate meal with a loved one.

* One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Located in the heart of the West Village, New York City, One if by Land, Two if by Sea has been a romantic dining destination for couples since 1973. Tucked inside a historic 1767 carriage house, the decor is beautiful, complete with exposed brick walls, tables illuminated by candlelight, fireplaces and a charming private garden. Because of the amorous atmosphere, many engagements take place at this iconic restaurant.

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