5 Easiest Ways To Keep Bookshelf Organized

By: Sandeep Fri, 17 Nov 2017 3:35:14

5 Easiest Ways To Keep Bookshelf Organized

Organizing bookshelves is one of those projects that you don’t really think about until you suddenly have no room for more books. Over time, you add a book here and there, maybe a vase or some other item for décor, and before you know it, your shelves are packed. Now you can’t find the book you want and don’t have room to add the new book you just bought.

On top of that problem, there’s also the problem of a cluttered bookshelf. If your bookshelf is a focal point of the room, a stuffed, disorganized unit can make the entire room look cluttered and small.

# Size

Place smaller books toward the top and work your way down to placing the largest books on the bottom. This creates a nice, symmetrical pattern.

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# Color

Arrange books that are similar in color together on one shelf then arrange a different color on the next shelf. Or arrange them in a pattern of color, creating an image as you go. This method of arranging can be very time consuming, but stunning when you’re done.

# Easy Reach

Books that you refer to often should be within easy reach with others that are barely used placed toward the top or bottom of the shelf. If you have a “to be read” pile, use a separate shelf for those books and place them in order of how you’d like to read them.

# Alphabetic Order

Again, very time consuming, but it will make it easy to find a specific book you’re looking for. Alphabetize your books according to the author’s last name. If you have several books by the same author, further alphabetize by title or chronologically if it’s a series.

# Genre

Organize all your non-fiction books in one area and your fiction books in another. Sort non-fiction books by topic and fiction books by genre or author. Keep all your cookbooks together by subject and another area for photography books.

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