Condoms Are Used To Make Wine, Read Here

By: Pinki Thu, 02 Nov 2017 1:16:15

Condoms are Used to Make Wine, Read Here

Condomas, are the safest way to have sex, and still people are scared to talk about it openly. Most of the people after using condom, throw it off in dustbin. But there are many master-mind people in the world, who use condom, not for sex but for many useful purposes. Read out the other uses of condom-

# To Make Wine

Yes, you might not know but condoms are used to make wine. In a jar grapes, ginger and hibskus are stored for fermentation process, for which the cap of jar is covered with condom. After this when the gas released from the jar blows up the condom, it indicates that the fermentation process has completed and the wine is ready.

# For Fishing

Apart from having safe sex, you can even enjoy fishing with the help of condoms. In Cuba many fishermans use condom to catch fishes. They blow up condoms and tie it to fishing roap, so that it can cover larger distance and catch more fishes from disatnce too.

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# For Beautiful Dress

Can you even think of designing a beautiful dress with the use of condom? But, this is true. It is not just used to style dress but is also creating a fashion buzz in the industry.

# To Store Water

No matter how small a condom is, its elasticity is very big. many people use it to store water. For your knowledge, a condom can store upto 2-3 liters of water.

# To Fight Pimples

Don't beleive me? It's true condoms are very useful to fight pimples or acne. Lubricate available on condoms is very helpful to fight pimples. Many sex workers in Cambodia use condoms to get rid of acne.

# First Aid Gloves

You can use condoms as first aid gloves while applying bandage on the injury.

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